Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

People are making loaded burger fries out of McDonald’s in new hack


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

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McDonald’s super-fans around the world are discovering the best way to enjoy loaded burger fries, and our minds are officially blown.

Yup, as if a Maccies wasn’t sufficient on its own, innovative fast food fans have only gone and found a way to pimp theirs out.

Introducing McDonald’s Loaded Fries.


Another loaded fries! Cause why not! #mcdonalds #fyp #viral

♬ original sound – Dorian Jessica

We first spotted the idea on TikTok thanks to user, Dorian Jessica, who goes by the handle @dorianjessica.

Jessica posted a video on her delicious creation last month, and it’s fair to say that people went nuts for it. 

In the clip – which has 1.8 million viewers – the content creator was seen in the Golden Arches making loaded fries out of a six-pack of chicken nuggets and pickles. 

A second video saw her refine the dish further,  layering up chips, the contents of two Chicken Big Macs without the buns, pickles, sour cream sauce, and BBQ sauce into a large bowl. 

is anything at McDonald's vegan fries uk

McDonald’s fries need an upgrade? (Credit: McDonald’s)

“So last time I got the chicken nuggets…what I didn’t like about the chicken nuggets was last time all the cheese was all over the bottom of the box,” she said.

“So, we’re going to put the fries in first, and then what we’re going to do is I bought two of these. I bought two Chicken Big Macs,” she continued, proceeding to put fries and chicken patty in the bowl.

She then added sliced pickles to the top and noted: “We are just going to put Mrs. Elwood’s pickles on there. These are good anyway, to be fair.”

Assembling her creation, she told viewers: “This is going to taste banging.”

Dorian then scooped sour cream sauce over the dish and then drizzled on BBQ sauce to complete the dish. Ooft – what a feat of culinary architecture. 

mcdonalds fish and fries

McDonald’s fans are getting creative (Credit: Alamy)

After tasting a large bite of the chicken burger, fries, pickles, and combined sauces, she remarked: “That smacks.”

Many users on the video-sharing app were fascinated with her scrumptious lunch idea and flooded the comments section to say they will be trying it. 

One person wrote: “I work in McDonald’s, I’m making this for my break, but minus the bbq sauce cause I hate that.”

Whilst another user penned: “This looks life-changing.”

A third user commented: “I will try this, looks banging.”

“You should try chicken selects, pickles, chips, 2 cheese burgers, and sour cream and chive dip with some sweet curry it’s amazing,” said a fourth. 

We might just be discovering the trend, but the truth is it isn’t new at all.

Several other TikTok users have been knocking up Maccies fries at home over the last few months, and their versions all look similarly epic.

Check out their versions below: 


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If you need us, we’ll be hot footing it over to McDonald’s to replicate these immediately. 

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