People are stuffing McDonald’s McNuggets with pickle slices

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

One thing we’ll say about TikTokers is they will find a hack for absolutely anything. Fancy a makeshift Kinder Bueno ice cream? Whack your chocolate bar in the freezer. Got a dodgy bottle of rosé? Pass the jalapeños….

But nobody could anticipate the genius that would ensue when McDonald’s fans and Pickle lovers united on the video sharing app.

Let us introduce you to… Pickle McNuggets.


Honestly thank me later, you saw it here first folks. #lifehack #mcdonaldshack #picklelovers #nuggets #ITriedItIPrimedIt #JDSummerDrip

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This might sound like a secret menu item or a new launch, but it’s actually just a nifty trick that one TikTok user came up with.

Setting the app alight, user @bespokendrip shared a video online in which they could be seen creating their own Pickle MuNuggets by nibbling the end off a normal ‘nug and sliding a pickle slice in the gap she’d created.

Mind. Blown.

The 10 second TikTok video now has over 9.9million views and counting, so the idea is clearly a popular one.

Reacting to the video, one person wrote: “This is a work of art”.

Whilst another wrote: “OMG why haven’t I tried this yet?!?!”

Fancy sliding one of these into your ‘nug? (Credit: Alamy)

As bowled over as they were by the trick, there were others who had another more burning question, first of all.

“Wait…can you actually ask for a McFlurry cup of pickles…?”, one TikToker asked.

Responding to another who asked a the same question, the user replied: “Honestly the first few times I asked they only gave a couple but they got used too me and now they just gimme a whole pot!

“But you can ask for a side of pickles at any Maccies”.

mcdonalds nuggets sharebox

Pickle nuggets certainly aren’t for everyone (Credit: Alamy)

For all the people who think just about any food could be improved with the addition of a pickle, there are those who couldn’t think of anything worse – the people who ask for their burgers without, and shudder at the sight one one.

Naturally, this hack wasn’t their cup of tea.

“I gagged,” wrote one person as they came across the vid.

Whilst another joked: “Yes officer, this post right here…”

We guess you can’t please ’em all.