Man’s McDonald’s proposal goes painfully wrong in viral video

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Of all the places we’d like to get engaged, we’d be lying if we said Maccies was the top of our list.

But if you love someone, it shouldn’t matter where they ask, right?! Right?!

It seems one woman wasn’t feeling quite so romantic…

We’re not sure whether she was a Maccies superfan, or the moment just felt right, but believe it or not, one guy decided the McDonald’s queue was the best place to ask his partner to be his wife.

And… errr… let’s just say she didn’t seem to be feeling it.

Watch the video for yourself:

In a clip filmed in a South Africa brach of McDonald’s, the man can be seen holding out a ring box on one knee as his partner is taking an order.

The woman is just innocently at the counter, but when she turns round and sees the proposal, she doesn’t take long to make her mind up.

Looking at him for what can’t be longer than 20 seconds, the woman simply shakes her head at him and then turns away.

After gaining composure, she then faces him again and they’re seen bickering, before she storms out of the fast food restaurant.

The best part? After she leaves, the wounded man still goes up to the counter and grabs his order to go, as if nothing has happened.

man proposes mcdonalds

She wasn’t having any of it (Credit: @Bigbabysambruh)

Taken in the Sandton branch in Johannesburg, the clip has since gone viral on social media, with Twitter user Madame Fossette writing: “Witnessed sucha. sad situation today yoh (sic)”.

Reacting to the video, some felt sorry for the man, whilst others couldn’t help but crack a joke or two.

“She said McNo,” wrote one.

As another penned: “Where’s the flag,” alongside a red flag emoji.

“Why propose at a damn McDonald’s tho,” questioned a third.

mcdonalds proposal

Proposal with a side of Big Mac? (Credit: Alamy)

As a fourth agreed: “What made him think that was the perfect time to pull that off”.

Of course, if we were going to get engaged in McDonald’s we know which branch we’d pick.

The chain’s HQ in Chicago comes with a worldwide menu, which leaves us so giddy we’d probably even say yes to the cashier if they proposed with a side of curly fries.

The ‘around the world’ Maccies restaurant isn’t new – it’s actually been around since 2018 – but it has flown under the radar for many fans, who have been crying out for a branch just like it for years.

Based at the chain’s headquarters in Illinois, its menu changes monthly, but currently offers up the likes of the McSpicy Chicken Burger (sold in Hong Kong, Singapore, The Philippines, Indonesia and briefly in the UK), the Bacon Big Mac (which found fame in Canada), Tako Shaker Fries (from Finland) and a Matcha Green Tea McFlurry (which originated in Japan).

You can read more about that here.