McDonald’s worker reveals secret to getting freshest nuggets every time

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

A McDonald’s worker has revealed a tip for getting the freshest nuggets every time.

Spilling the beans over on TikTok, user @nicaraguanjesus said that there was a foolproof way to ensure you end up with piping hot, crispy nugs whenever you order them.

“Don’t buy a 4, 6 or 10 piece at McDonald’s, always get a 20 it’ll be fresher,” they wrote.

Frankly, you don’t need to tell us to order more nuggets twice.

To demonstrate their point, the worker then pulls out a tray of McNuggets which contains around 21 portions, proving that if you order the maximum amount of ‘nugs they’ll make you your own fresh batch.

Whilst we’ve never had a problem with soggy nuggets, truth be told, it appears that people are pretty happy about the tip, as it has been viewed over 630,000 times, and has a whopping 29,000 likes.

“As a worker I can confirm,” said one person in the comments.

However, another Maccies staffer simply replied: “I work at McDonald’s and you can just ask for it fresh…”

We’ve reached out to our friends at McDonald’s HQ for their thoughts.

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This is the excuse you need to go for the sharebox… (Credit: Alamy)

In other McDonald’s related news, a drive-thru operator recently told TikTok that they can still hear customers gossiping after taking their orders.

Issuing a message to big-mouthed Maccies customers, the worker warned: “Keep your music and s*** talking lower.

“Sometimes it’s funny. I’ve heard mums and dads be like ‘if you don’t tell me what you want right now I swear to god, we are making this lady wait for your dumbass.”

However, she also claimed she had heard customers “whispering” about her after she’s taken their order.

“I listen because I’m nosey. I just get my feelings hurt when they talk [about] me even though I was just doing my job,” she said.

So, there’s your warning. Honestly, when you find a McDonald’s worker on TikTok, the behind-the-scenes gossip is endless.