New Zealand MP given sausage roll cake for his birthday – and why is this not a thing?

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

In today’s episode of wild things we’ve come across on the internet, let us present you with the sausage roll cake. 

That’s what an MP in New Zealand was presented for his birthday, and the images he’s shared online have subsequently broken the internet (move over Kim K).

Made of flaky filo pastry and layers of sausage meat – almost a lasagne but made out of sausage roll ingredients – the birthday offering is perhaps one of the best we’ve ever seen.

sausage roll cake chris hipkins

We repeat: sausage roll cake (Credit: Facebook/ Chris Hipkins)

Do you prefer buttery pastry to chocolate frosting? Partial to a bit of meat rather than buttercream? Then look no further.

We’ll level with you, we’re pretty gutted we didn’t come up with this first at Twisted HQ…

The sausage roll cake was presented to New Zealand’s police minister for his birthday, by his colleagues.

“There are some upsides to working on your birthday,” he wrote on Facebook. “Police intelligence gathering has reached new heights today.

“Look what they gave me at our Monday morning briefing. Who knew sausage roll cake is an actual thing?”

sausage roll cake chris hipkins

Why doesn’t he look happier? We’d be thrilled… (Credit: Facebook/ Chris Hipkins)

“Sausage roll cake? What an inspired idea,” wrote one person in the comments. “I for one, am inspired to make one just like it for my own birthday, next week.”

As another penned: “I guess it was a culinary moment waiting to happen. You saw it first”.

“I must find out where to get this sausage roll cake from. I must have it in my face hole,” commented a third.

“I want – nay, need a sausage roll cake,” chimed in someone else. 

It turns out that the MP has a bit of a rep for loving sausage rolls – so much so that he even joked about staging a “a rebellion” outside parliament’s cafe when they stopped serving them before 10.30am.

A fellow colleague in the Labour party over there also joked that he wouldn’t want to spend lockdown with him, because all he consumed was sausage rolls and Diet Coke (man after our own heart, tbh).

Speaking on a radio show after sharing the sausage roll cake with the world, the MP said that he “needed to have a little lie-down about lunchtime”.

A nap post sausage roll cake feasting? We can’t think of a better birthday itinerary.

Keep your eyes peeled and we might try and replicate this on Twisted, very soon.