Netflix’s newest Chef’s Table series is making literally everybody order pizza

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

We all know Netflix’s Chef’s Table by now. The series, created by David Gelb, centres pioneering chefs doing incredible things within their cuisines, from BBQ food to French cookery, to pastry.

Telling the life stories of these individuals at the same time as profiling their mouthwatering dishes, Chef’s Table is the sort of programme you’ll need to watch alongside a box of tissues and a really good takeaway.

And the latest instalment is no exception. In fact, people are saying the most recent instalment might just be the most mouthwatering of all.

Focusing on a universally beloved dish – the humble pizza – the ninth series talks to stars of the industry, Chris Bianco, Gabriele Bonci, Ann Kim, Franco Pepe, Yoshihiro Imai and Sarah Minnick.

Made up of six episodes, one per chef, the format is a mixture of archive footage, drool-worthy food shots and personal anecdotes.

The first episode centres the “greatest pizza maker in the US”, Chris Bianco – a self confessed worker-horse, who fell in love with cooking pizza after suffering health issues, and threw his life into elevating it by using the best produce he could possibly find, like his Rosa pizza, topped with nothing but the best Parmigiano-Reggiano, onion, rosemary, and pistachios.

chris bianco pizzaria bianco rosa pizza

Bianco’s Pizzeria has been dubbed America’s best (Credit: Netflix)

Meanwhile, a later episode stars Minneapolis-based legend Ann Kim, who uses the pizza as a base to celebrate her duality as a Korean-American immigrant, making pizzas with ingredients like kimchee on them before anybody else dared to do so.

These stories are just two such examples of what to expect from the series, which also features a Japanese pizza chef (Yoshihiro Imai), two Italian pizza chefs (Franco Pepe and Gabriele Bonci), and another US pizza pro (Sarah Minnick).

“From Portland to Phoenix, Italy to Japan, go inside the kitchens of chefs whose creativity elevates this ordinary dish to an art form via their unique flavors, inspiring backgrounds, and passion for creating the perfect slice,” Netflix say of the show in a statement.

ann kim pizza

Ann Kim’s Korean pizzas were also something to behold (Credit: Netflix)

And it’s safe to say the slices on display have got people’s stomachs rumbling.

“Started watching #ChefsTablePizza and the next you know I’m ordering pizza,” wrote one person in the comments. 

Whilst another shared a picture of their takeout, and joked: “I blame @netflix #ChefsTablePizza”.

“#NW [Now watching] #ChefsTablePizza knowing FULLY well I’m going to end up going to get pizza,” wrote someone else. 

As a fourth took it a step further, declaring: “I’m watching @netflix #ChefsTablePizza and I’m ready to go on a world pizza eating trip!”

Anyone else getting hungry even thinking about the prospect of takeaway pizza and just shy of six hours of food-porn?

You can watch the full season of Chef’s Table: Pizza now on Netflix, along with the eight prior seasons.