Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Woman left to foot £1,200 bill after date runs off before dessert


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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A woman has shared her worst date story, and it’s a shocker.

US podcaster Nick Viall’s fiancé, Natalie Joy, told of how her date dashed off before dessert and left her to foot a $1,600 (£1,260) bill – and as you can imagine, people are pretty outraged.

Watch Natalie tell her story below: 


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“I went on a date… this guy asked me out on a date maybe 20 times. Finally, I was like ‘sure’,” she explained on the podcast Viall Files.

Natalie explained that when she arrived at the restaurant with her date, he seemed very keen to sample the menu, insisting they order “one of every appetiser” and an entrée.

“And then he’s like, ‘It’s time for dessert,’” she added.

“And I’m like: ‘Honestly, I’m so stuffed, I’ve never been so full. I am good’. He’s like: ‘No, no… let’s get dessert.’”

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The pair ordered lots of food on the date (Credit: Getty)

Under pressure from her date, she accepted the offer of another course, and they both ate it.

Then, Natalie’s dining companion went to take a phone call, only to completely disappear.

“He does not come back for 20 minutes. And I’m like, ‘I wonder what the phone call’s about?’ so I get up and go outside and he’s gone,” she recalled.

“I have not seen or heard from that man ever since. He has blocked me on every social media – the bill was literally $1,600.”

We’ve gotta agree this takes the biscuit for one of the worst dates ever. If this was us, we would have been hunting this bloke down!

Featured image: Getty/ TikTok: Nick Viall

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