Office worker branded ‘petty’ for putting padlock on milk in communal fridge

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A debate is raging online after an office worker opted to padlock their milk in a communal fridge so that nobody else could take any.

Yup, we’ve all been there… you put your lunch in the office fridge only to find it has mysteriously vanished (queue Ross from Friends level rage).

But would you have a problem with sharing a bottle of milk with your co-workers? It seems that one office worker did, and they took drastic measures to keep theirs to themselves.

Sharing a snap of the padlocked milk, Reddit user u/Vented55 asked users: “Peak pettiness or justifiable security in the office kitchen?”

milk with padlock reddit

Is padlocking your milk a step too far? (Credit: Reddit: Vented55)

And it’s safe to say that opinions were mixed, with some people commenting that they were a little baffled by the move, whilst others were all for it.

“The savagery of the human race knows no bounds,” wrote one person under the thread.

As another agreed: “For the cost of milk, it still amazes me that some employers don’t just provide it… surely having your workers waste energy with such (necessary) nonsense has to be more costly than a few quid on milk.”

“If you’ve got someone who contributes to the teabag, coffee or sugar stock I see no harm in them using your milk,” someone else reasoned.

“Now if its someone who contributed absolutely nothing to the beverage department, yet seems to be the first to [moan] about milk running out etc etc, I reckon it’s fair game to stop them”.

milk with padlock reddit

People had been taking the milk for their office brews (Credit: Pexels)

“I wouldn’t go that far with milk but people lost food at the last place I was at. 12-hour shift with no food ain’t a joke,” a fourth noted.

Whilst some were on the fence, others were fully supportive, and noted similar food and drink theft incidents at their work in the past. 

“As someone who used to buy a 2 pints of milk every week, only for it to be completely empty by Wednesday morning, I totally understand the rationale,” one supporter commented. 

As a fellow supporter wrote: “It’s not any more petty than using a locker to store your belongings, or locking up your bike. It’s not petty to stop people from stealing your stuff.”

“Where can these be purchased? Asking for a friend,” a fellow individual joked. 

 Looks like a lot of people could do with one of these padlocks, after all…