Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

The food at this year’s Oscars was actually wild


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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The Oscars returned for 2023 last night, and the 95th Academy Awards were as plush as ever, with an A-list guest list spilling into the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.

But it wasn’t just this year’s winners list, host Jimmy Kimmel’s gags and the attendee’s fashion choices that got the public talking.

Let us also spare a moment for the rather fancy food on offer, too – from smoked salmon calved into the shape of an Oscars trophy to adorable mini portions of fish and chips.

Wanna sneak peek? You can check out a video of some of the dishes below: 

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The Oscars 2023 food 

Yep, intel is trickling out about the menu that the stars of the big screen were treated to during this year’s Governors Ball, after the award winners were announced, and it’s safe to say that we’re just a *little bit* jealous.

Curated by Austrian-American celebrity chef, Wolfgang Puck, who pulls together the dinner for the extravagant ceremony every year, 2023’s offering featured some rather quirky and utterly mouthwatering food offerings.

Wolfgang roped in head chef of CUT restaurant at London’s 45 Park Lane Hotel, Elliott Grover, to lead the special menu, so, it’s no surprise there was a nod to British cuisine in this year’s Oscars menu.

Fish and chips joined the Oscars food lineup (Credit: ©Dorchester Collection/ Instagram)

One of the dishes on catered by Wolfgang’s team of 115 chefs was a mini beef-dripping-fried fish and chips, served in a cute little cone.

Plus, celebs were also treated to hearty British classics like a chicken pot pie and even a sherry trifle.

“Hopefully when I go to America we can change the perception there,” Elliott told Vice. “Americans always say they want to try the fish and chips.”

He added to EliteTraveller: “I want to put British food on the map and show that it can be great.”

Whilst they might sound like hearty classics your mum would make on a Sunday, the chicken pie was given the Oscars treatment and garnished with black truffle shavings whilst the trifle was topped with maraschino cherries just to take it up a notch.

oscars 2023 food wolfgang puck

Wolfgang Puck also provided a string of mains (Credit: WP Cartering)

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Now, that’s more like it.

The mini chicken pie has actually been a favourite on the Oscars menu for decades, with Elliott telling Vice that it’s the “most requested dish that sees a comeback every year” – understandable, if you ask us.

Fans of the dish apparently include Barbra Streisand and Prince Albert of Monaco. If it’s good enough for them, we’re sure it’s pretty special.

Also on the menu was another UK favourite, the beef wellington, which joined a cod bouillabaisse.

Plus, awards guests were also able to pick from five kinds of pasta – from agnolotti to pasta with truffles – and an array of vegan pizzas, too.

oscars 2023 food wolfgang puck

The mains on offer were quite something (Credit: WP Catering)

It doesn’t stop there. Wolfgang Puck told Variety there was also the option to dine on Chinese-spiced Hunan eggplant over rice and a veggie version of the crispy rice crab salad from West Hollywood’s restaurant, Merois.

According to Wine Enthusiasts Magazine, bagel macarons with smoked salmon and sorrel were also doing the rounds, in a nod to the winning movie, Everything, Everywhere All At Once.

Plus, Fine Dining Lovers report there was “spicy tuna tartare in miso sesame cones, mini wagyu burgers, jalapeno fritters, and vegan soup dumplings”, as well as stuffed bao buns and chicken and waffles.

Perhaps our personal fave, there was also smoked salmon calved into the shape of Oscars.

oscars 2023 food wolfgang puck

Salmon Oscars and edible chocolate cigars were on offer (Credit: WP Catering)

And for dessert, the trifle was joined by the likes of ice cream served in made-to-order waffle cones and a salted caramel mocha Oscar chocolate eclair tower. Oooft.

Oh, and we can’t forget the edible chocolate cigars that let out real smoke…

oscars 2023 food wolfgang puck

This eclair tower was a sight to behold (Credit: WP Catering)

As Wolfgang Puck shared a few of the dishes he was serving, it’s safe to say that followers were impressed.

“The real reason to attend the Oscars,” one joked.

As another wrote: “Love seeing the behind the scenes … everything looks so good!”

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The Oscars 2023 drinks

Naturally, the drinks on offer were pretty special as well.

Celebs were treated to rosé champagne by Brad Pitt’s brand, Fleur de Miraval (costing almost £350 a bottle).

Plus, cocktails (margaritas, Palomas and tequila martinis) contained the very best Don Julio tequila, and were made my award winning mixologist Charles Joly, who has worked at the Oscars for many years. 

Forget the fame and fortune, we wish we were a movie star just for the food and drink, right now!
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