Paul Mescal gets McDonald’s after Olivier win and now we love him more

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Don’t you love it when celebs are just like us?

After bagging Best Actor for his lead role in A Streetcar Named Desire, Paul Mescal could have gone to a glam after-party, or headed for a slap up meal anywhere he damn well pleased.

However, the Normal People favourite decided to keep it real and head to McDonald’s for a cheap and cheerful take-out after his evening at London’s Royal Albert Hall.

paul mescal mcdonalds olivier awards

Paul Mescal hit up McDonald’s after his Olivier Award win (Credit: Instagram/Nell Mescal)

He really is keeping true to his debut show’s namesake.

Reacting to the pics as they did the rounds on social media, it’s safe to say that people were into Paul’s post awards meal.

“He’s just like me fr,” wrote one person on Twitter.

Whilst another wrote: “Honestly, king sh*t.”

“This is a thing Normal People do,” joked a third.

As a fourth gushed: “He is perfect, Lordy.”

paul mescal mcdonalds olivier awards

Paul fed his award some Maccies drink…as you do (Credit: McDonald’s)

Even getting a Maccies, Paul ends up slapped with a heart-throb label. Impressive.

Pictures of Paul enjoying his post awards fast food fix were shared on his sister, Nell Mescal’s Instagram page and were quickly spotted by fans.

In one shot, Paul could be seen in his suit clutching that familiar brown paper bag, whilst another shows the actor appearing to feed his Olivier Award some of his drink.

A thirds picture shows a decked out Paul standing by a Happy Meal sign – quite the contrast from the red carpet he was on hours earlier.

paul mescal mcdonalds olivier awards

Paul Mescal…he’s just like us (Credit: Instagram/Nell Mescal)

In his award category, Paul was up against the likes of David Tennant for his role in Good, Tom Hollander for his appearance in Patriots and Rafe Spall for his stint in To Kill A Mockingbird, as well as Giles Terera for Blues For An Alabama Sky.

We wonder what they all ate after the awards ceremony?!

We don’t know about you, but we love the thought of David Tennant hitting up KFC and Tom Hollander paying a visit to Burger King.

Request for all celebs to show their post award show eats from now on? It’s a great reminder that we all love a greasy meal, no matter how rich and famous we are.