Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

People are making ‘British tapas’ boards and we’re totally obsessed


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by James Kay

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It’s widely known that British cuisine is the best in the world, and people are celebrating it in all its glory.

For every carbonara that Italy makes, I raise you a turkey dinosaur. For every bit of sushi that comes out of Japan, the British have fish fingers.

You get the point, British food is the best and we’re completely not biased and definitely don’t have the tastebuds of a four-year-old.

Jokes aside, British classics hold a special place in most of our hearts and sometimes you can’t beat having a dinner that you might have been served as a school lunch.

There is no better way to consume fish than covered in breadcrumbs (Credit: Alamy)

But if we were to throw the word tapas in there, suddenly it sounds a lot more civilised and appealing, doesn’t it? 

Well, people are doing exactly that, and are making a tapas board of the finest British delicacies and it looks like it has come straight from heaven.

As per a beautiful example by creators @ThisIsPlanetFood, the board begins with an array of condiments, obviously, which look like ketchup, brown sauce, mayonnaise, and sweet chlili.

The natural next step is of course, baked beans – because there is yet to be a savoury meal that isn’t elevated by the presence of baked beans.

Turkey dinosaurs are added alongside curly fries – because food tastes better when it is in funny shapes and that is a scientific fact (probably).

Next to join the party is everyone’s favourite chicken nuggets and who could forget the old classic potato waffles?

Potatoes that are served as smiley faces are sure to boost the serotonin levels of all those indulging in the meal, and fish fingers are added to make it more of a surf ‘n’ turf.

It is impossible that your mouth isn’t watering right now because what has just been described is a meal that Greek gods would be lucky to have.

Chicken nuggets are always a crowd-pleaser (Credit: Alamy)

There are plenty of other examples of British tapas on the world wide web, too, and each of them are more delicious than the last.

Of course, if a British tapas board isn’t for you, you could always do the classic British thing of putting it all between two slices of bread and just going to town on it.

Now, if anybody needs us you can find our heads first in the freezer aisle buying these delicacies because it’s time to relive my youth.

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