Pickle ice pops are taking over the internet but they’ve seriously divided opinion

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

The warmer months are on their way, which means people are getting inventive about how to cool down.

There isn’t much that’s sweeter than sitting out in the glorious sunshine while indulging in some frozen treats, because you’ve got to keep that internal temperature down, obviously.

Some people like to get inventive when it comes to what they freeze, and that can sometimes mean raising eyebrows when they share it online.


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Look, we know pickles are great and there is definitely a time and place for them, but as a frozen treat?

This is what some people have been trying on TikTok and it’s safe to say that it really split people down the middle, with some loving the idea and others being repulsed.

The Pickle Ice Pop by Van Holtens has taken the online video platform by storm as people have flocked to get their hands on them to try.

Let’s just say, they appear to be an acquired taste. One woman described it as if someone had frozen the juice in a pickle jar.

The frozen pickle treat has an almost luminous green colour, but it’s the taste that has people debating whether they will like it or not.


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One couple tried it and gave it a zero out of 10 after stating that it “tastes like frozen saltwater”… yummy.

Despite not getting glowing reviews on TikTok, people have flocked to the comments to defend the frozen pickles ice pops as it has become clear they are all the rage in the US.

“I buy boxes of them from Walmart… [They are so] good,” one person commented, while a second added: “I have them in my freezer and absolutely love them but I’m an insane pickle lover.”

Others questioned whether the ice pops can be purchased, and it seems like American candy stores hold the answers.

Despite having some support in the comments, other people questioned why on earth anyone would buy this to eat outside of a video review.

If you knew it would bad why did you buy it,” one person questioned, and a second added: “I already know there is someone out there that actively chooses to eat this.”


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Some comments stated that pickle juice is great for cramps and rehydrating, so perhaps there is a purpose for these pickle pops after all.

What on earth will people freeze next?

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