Pickle milkshakes are hitting the internet and we’re not sure how to feel about them

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

We totally get the hype over pickles, whether you want to put ’em on a pizza, stuff them in your burger and use them as a shot chaser.

But would you drink a dill flavoured milkshake? This might be the first time we’d argue the dill obsession has gone too far.

Yup, over on TikTok, pickle flavoured milkshakes are all the rage, and it’s safe to say that they’re only for the truly pickle obsessed.

We first came across this phenomenon thanks to a post by the brand goodkarma.icecream, in Easley, South Carolina.

You can check out their creation below: 


April special… The Fickle Pickle shake 🥒😜 #pickles #icecream

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In their video, someone can be seen placing chopped up pickle into a cup and covering it with pickle juice, in order to create what the brand dub their Fickle Pickle shake.

Then, vanilla ice cream is blended with the pickles and what looks like some green food colouring is added, before the shake is poured into a sundae glass and garnished with an extra piece of sliced pickle and whipped cream.

Another ice cream parlour, named Leatherbys Family Creamery in Sacramento, California, also shared a pickle of a similar pickle infused milkshake, telling followers it was the weirdest order their servers had seen.


What’s the weirdest order you’ve taken as a server? #restauranttok #milkshake #icecream #leatherbys

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Joe’s Dairy Barn and Grill in New York got in on the action, too, sharing another pickle flavoured milkshake on the video sharing app.

In their clip, pickles and their brine are combined with soft serve ice cream and blended, with an extra slice of pickle on top for good measure.


Pickle Milkshake?! #idontrecommendtryingthis #pickle #joesdairybar #fyp

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After spotting the creation, it’s fair to say the drink wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

“I love pickles but I wouldn’t eat that,” said one.

Whilst another wrote: “Never.”

Joe’s Dairy Bar admitted themselves that the drink was actually “gross,” but, hey, we bet there are some pickle lovers who’d be comping at the bit to try it nonetheless.

Would you drink a pickle milkshake, or, like us, is this where you draw the line?