People are making pickle popsicles and we cannot dill with it

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

We all have that mate that eats pickles from the jar, and could probably wash down the juice, too. 

But do they like pickles enough to freeze them and eat them in ice lolly form? If the answer is yes, then they’re going to like this recipe…

In case you’ve missed it, people have started making pickle popsicles on social media, and whilst they may be a pickle lover’s dream, the rest of us could well be left a little queasy.

We first spotted this concoction on Reddit, on the page r/cursedfoods (in this case, very apt).

pickle popsicles

Pickle popsicles are here… just in time for summer. Right??? (Credit: Reddit/ u/mry13)

“You gotta try it,” wrote user u/mry13, alongside a picture of six popsicle sticks filled with dill pickle juice.

And sure enough, in the comments, pickle loyalists were quick to claim that they were also into the lollies.

“Not cursed. Delicious,” wrote one underneath the image.

Whilst another agreed: “Picklesicles are the best”.

At this point, we asked ourselves, ‘hang on, are these a thing?’

Keen to see if pickle lollies had spread beyond Reddit (and to check if we were going barking mad) we had a dig on TikTok – and what do you know?, people are knocking them up on there, too.


The result of The Pickle Juice🥒 So sour and crunchy😋 The crunch was perfection🌟 What popsicle next🔥? #skitok #pickles #sour #foryou #fyp #salty

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User @popsiclemaker_ is one such individual who recently tried the concoction, tipping chunks of dill pickle and the liquid from the jar into a lolly mould and letting it freeze.

After trying it, he described the creation as “so sour and crunchy,” and said he was also a fan.

User @trojan_atp also shared their own video making pickle pops, covering them in Tajin, which is a Mexican chilli and lime seasoning.

We’ll admit, the spicing here definitely makes it seem more appetising – but still, that’s a hell of a lot of vinegary pickle juice to slurp.

We’re of course aware that pickle popsicles have a market, even though they might not float our boat.
Upon doing some further digging, we even discovered you can buy pre-made pickle popsicles from a brand named Bob’s Pickle Pops – although you’ll have to pay a small fortune as they’re originally made and sold in the States.
So, there you have it. Show this trend to your pickle loving friends. And if that friend is you? Then give it a whirl for yourself.
As for us? We think we’ll stick to fruit lollies, thanks.