People are making hot dogs with pickles instead of buns

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Move over hot dogs, the pickle dog is in town.

Yup, one thing we’re good at as a society is finding a way to weave pickles into just about any meal – from pizza to sandwiches – and the pickle dog is the next iteration of that.

The rather genius trend takes your standard hot dog and replaces the bun with… you guessed it, a big ‘ol dill pickle.

Lovers of all things pickly, your time is now.

The pickle dog has actually been around for years, but it has blown up on TikTok lately, with pickle brand Vlasic even putting on a social media contest and giving out hot dogs and pickles to the public to encourage them to try the trend.

Obviously, there are some who can’t stomach the idea of a hot dog without any bread, and we get that… we really do.

But we know pickles and meat work as a combination (just look at basically every burger on the market), so technically, there’s no reason this shouldn’t slap even harder.

The reviews are in on social media, and people who have tried it seem to agree it’s a winner, too.

“Oh yeah, that totally works!,” said TikToker @ northerndad14 after trying his own. 


The viral pickle hotdog bun done with quite a bit of spice. I made an extra spicy version of this and surprisingly it was very good. I will definitely use pickles as hot dog buns in the future. Not only is it diet friendly but it taste really good.

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Meanwhile, user @estere_9 said: “This was messy but so good!

Fellow TikToker @Grilledcheeseandpickles said: “This was actually amazing I’m never eating a bun again.”

Bold claim, but we love the enthusiasm!


this was actually amazing im never eating a bun again

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Intrigued? You can find some more examples of the trend here:


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It’s #NationalDogDay aka Hot Dogs! Here’s a pickle dog to celebrate 😎 #keto #lowcarb #tiktokrecipe #learnontiktok #recipe #fypage

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The pickle dog first cropped up in Disney parks, but in a slightly different form.

It was a Disneyland staple, but was sold as more of a corn dog with pickle inside it, which came with a peanut butter dipping sauce.

The new version cuts out the bread altogether, which we will admit gives slightly health-conscious vibes at first glance.

But forget about that for a second and think about it more as an opportunity to add more pickle into your meal.

Can’t argue with that, can ya?

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