Piers Morgan divides opinion as he eats steak in front of a vegan activist

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

By now, we all know Piers Morgan doesn’t mince his words. He’s made a career from being controversial, and he isn’t stopping any time soon.

So, it should be no surprise that the former journalist and TV presenter has ruffled some feathers after inviting a vegan activist onto his TalkTV show. That was always the plan, wasn’t it?

Yup, after bringing Animal Rebellion activist, Nathan McGovern onto his programme, Piers Morgan Uncensored, Piers decided he’d do his very best to wind him up, calling vegans ‘annoying little squits’ and then proceeding to eat a whole plate of steak and chips in front of him.

Check out a video for yourselves: 

Nathan had been booked on the show to talk about Animal Rebellion’s recent protests, which included tipping milk out of cartons in supermarkets and occupying restaurants, such as Gordon Ramsay’s fanciest spot. 

But Piers didn’t let him get a word in edgeways, and instead used the interview slot as an opportunity to taunt Nathan, telling him, for one, that all vegans “look pretty pasty faced and unhealthy”.

“What I don’t do is I don’t go running into vegan restaurants and start screaming abuse at you all and have to be pulled out by people because you’re ruining everyone’s fun,” he went on.

When Piers was finally done ranting, Nathan went on to explain precision fermentation, which he claimed could be the solution to creating animal protein with “a fraction of the land” and “carbon footprint”.

However, Piers was having none of it.

“But I like eating meat,” he replied, bluntly.

piers morgan steak

Piers Morgan ate a steak in front of the activist (Credit: TalkTV)

The conversation just became more abrasive from there. Piers asked Nathan what he liked to eat, to which he replied: “I love seasonal British fruit and veg.

“You know, I love supporting British farmers. I love going to the farmers market, seeing what they have to offer.”

When quizzed on Animal Rebellion’s recent occupation of Salt Bae’s London Nusr-Et steakhouse, celebrity chef Aldo Zilli, who was a fellow guest on the show, told Nathan that he had opened one of the first veggie restaurants in the city.

“I don’t have any problems with veganism and vegetarian people, so I don’t understand when it gets out of hand that these people have to disrupt our business,” he said. 

Chipping in to say that he also disagreed with Animal Rebellion’s style of protesting, Piers said: “None of you make me want to change my mind. I just think [you’re] annoying little squits honestly, I do.”


Piers’ guest just smiled as he made the jab (Credit: TalkTV)

It’s shortly after this point that Piers’ steak dinner came out, to an applause from the audience.

“Here’s my point. I love eating steak. I’m not going to stop eating steak. And the very last thing on earth that will stop me eating steak is people like you with your pasty faces running into our restaurants and telling us to stop eating steak,” he said, before beginning to chomp away.

Despite Piers’ shock tactics, Nathan sat with a smirk, looking utterly unbothered.

“That is absolutely fine, Piers,” he replied. Hmm, it’s almost like he expected it…

Of course, that might be because it isn’t the first time Piers has eaten meat in front of a vegan. In fact, he seems to be making a habit of doing just that.

Just months ago he whacked out a Big Mac and ate it in front of vegan interviewee, Orla Coghlan. You can read more about that here.

piers morgan

Piers Morgan scoffed a burger in front of a vegan guest, too (Credit: Talk TV)

Reacting to Piers’ more recent steak dinner, it’s safe to say that people were divided.

“Wow really mature to eat a steak in front of a vegan,” wrote one viewer sarcastically. “Very graceful.”

Meanwhile, another said: “Well thats new. A massive gammon eating a steak.”

“Television content at its absolute worst,” said a fellow critic. “Have a word Piers. How old are you, 12?”

However, amongst the critics, there were some that supported him.

“Never change Piers,” wrote one.

As a second penned: “Not a fan of piers but this was genius”.

So, what do you think? Has Piers made a point, or has he embarrassed himself more than anybody else? It looks like the jury is still out on this one…