This spaghetti doughnut is dividing the internet – but we’re so on board

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

One thing you can’t fault Americans for is their absolute passion for doughnuts – they truly love the sweet, doughy little things.

But what if you took the humble doughnut and made it savoury? It was only a matter of time.

Yup, over in the States, you can now get an amalgamation of two popular foods: doughnuts and spaghetti – and the combo has caused quite a stir online.

The Pop Pasta creations have actually been around since 2017, but they’ve been getting a lot of buzz lately.

pop pasta spaghetti doughnut donut

The spaghetti doughnut is available in the States (Credit: Pop Pasta)

So, what exactly are they? Let us break it down…

Available to purchase from its shop in New York, a stones throw from Grand Central Station, the Pop Pasta doughnuts are essentially baked pasta, which is moulded into the shape of a doughnut.

It might sound peculiar, but the doughnut is essentially a take on the Neapolitan spaghetti pie. Think pasta, but hand-held. Nifty, right?

Inspired by Italian founder, Luigi Fiorentino’s childhood memories, the fusion dish was formed to honour the doughnut – which he brands an “American icon” – and also his love for Naples’ culinary traditions.

To make the pasta doughnuts, the spaghetti is mixed with eggs and cheese and then fried.

You can order them in various flavours, including the Red Sauce Pop (made with spaghetti, parmesan, eggs, tomato puree, olive oil and salt), the Bolognese Pop (made with spaghetti, parmesan, eggs, ground beef, tomato puree, olive oil, onions, garlic and salt), and – our personal fave – the Carbonara Pop (made with spaghetti, parmesan, eggs, bacon, black pepper and salt).

Anyone else seriously liking the sound of these?!

It won’t surprise you to hear that at Twisted, we’re totally on board with the idea of a pasta doughnut, but some people online weren’t so sure.

Sharing the doughnut online, food writer Adam Platt simply wrote: “End of days”…and several followers agreed with him in the replies.

“It’s a crime against noodle,” wrote one appalled Twitter user.

Meanwhile, another simply wrote: “I feel unwell”.

“I still would ngl,” wrote a slightly more intrigued follower.

As another over on Instagram penned: “I am dying to try this!”

It might look like a gimmick, but the Pop Pasta doughnuts have had pretty impressive reviews from those who have tried them.

pop pasta spaghetti doughnut donut

Don’t pretend this doesn’t intrigue you… (Credit: Pop Pasta)

They debuted at the Smorgasburg market in Brooklyn, and have since been a talking point around the world, landing a feature on Good Morning America and slots in The Times, Eater and Food and Wine.

If you live in the US and you can’t get to the New York shop, or their market post in WIlliamsburg, then you can order a spaghetti doughnut for yourself via delivery app, Goldbelly.

Unfortunately, us Brits aren’t able to try one for ourselves unless we make a trip over to the Big Apple.

So, on that note, we’re off to try and replicate one of these for ourselves…