Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Mum sparks criticism after feeding son’s vegan friend meat


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by James Kay

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A mum has sparked a debate after feeding her son’s vegan friend meat without his parents’ consent.

The parent took to a forum to ask if she’d done anything wrong after the incident, and it looks like the feedback was mixed.

In this case, the 13-year-old boy had been raised vegan by his parents and they had made a specific request that other parents only serve him plant-based food.

Posting on the popular Am I The A**hole thread on Reddit, user DazzlingCatation admitted to serving the kid meat and butter when he asked for it.

The boy was raised vegan by his parents. Credit: Valeria Boltneva / Pexels

“So my son had a friend over for dinner the other night. For context, they’re both 13 and the friend’s parents are vegan,” the Redditor began.

They continued: “I don’t know anything about vegan food and don’t have many vegetables I normally cook – pretty much all I ever make for vegetable sides is buttered corn, broccoli and cheese, brown sugar carrots, or mixed veggies.”

Having the boy at their house for the night, the mum was looking for options to feed the boy, but decided to just cook little bits until his parents could feed him properly later.

The family were sitting down for meatloaf that night, with a side of buttery mashed potato, and it’s at this point that the boy piped up and asked if he could have some too.

Clearly in a bit of a dilemma, the mum made another plate of food for her son’s friend and they all sat down together and enjoyed the meal.

The mum explained that the vegan boy claimed to eat meat at school all the time anyway. However, when the boy’s parents picked him up, he spilt the beans about what he had for dinner that night, and his parents weren’t overly pleased about it.

According to the Redditor, they declared that he wouldn’t be allowed to hang out with his friend anymore and that the parents were a bad influence on him.

Naturally, this sparked a huge debate about who was in the wrong here, with one person commenting: “The kid is old enough to make his own decision (and he did).

“You tried to accommodate as best as possible with what you had, and your son’s friend wanted meat anyways. As a good host, you have your guest what they wanted.”

The parents fed the boy meatloaf and buttery mashed potato. Credit: Ootydreams Ooty / Pexels

A second person added: “The kid said that he eats meat at school, he probably doesn’t want to be vegan and is being obligated by his parents.”

Though a third person disagreed: “Parents decide what their kids eat… You don’t supersede someone else’s parenting unless that kid is an adult. 13 is not an adult.”

“Sure veganism may be restrictive and vastly different than your own food culture but it takes a level of maturity to accept and accommodate it,” said someone else. “It sounds like you barely put any effort into making something vegan. You know what’s vegan? A PB and J. Like holy f*ck it isn’t that difficult.”

We hope the boys got to be friends again after this ordeal!

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