Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Vegan sparks backlash after complaining there’s no options at BBQ restaurant


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

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In this day and age, we can all agree that vegans should be well catered for in most restaurants they visit.

But a lively conversation has sparked online after one plant-based diner complained about the fact there wasn’t anything for her to eat at a local BBQ joint.

The story, which unfolded on Reddit, quickly became a hot topic as Redditors flocked to rather passionately voice their opinions on the matter.

Here’s the DL…

bbq restaurant vegan complain reddit

The restaurant specialised in BBQ food (Credit: Getty)

The situation was retold by someone who worked in the BBQ restaurant.

They explained that they had greeted the diner in a friendly manner, but had to awkwardly explain there wasn’t a vegan menu when it was requested.

“I’m sorry, ma’am, but we actually don’t have a vegan menu. Do you have any questions about our other items?,” they said.

However, the diner kept pushing.

“Well, what can I get here that’s vegan?,” she asked, to which the server replied that the best they could do was a side salad without the croutons.

“Our dishes are primarily meat and dairy-based, as this is a BBQ restaurant,” they said.

bbq restaurant vegan reddit

The diner complained to the server (Credit: Getty)

It’s safe to say the vegan diner wasn’t pleased with this, stating that she wanted “something BBQ’d” rather than just a salad.

“We are paying customers and it’s ridiculous that you have nothing available for my son and I to eat,” the woman is said to have raged, accusing them of “cutting a whole group of people out as paying customers.”

“I am sorry you feel this way. However, it’s important to note that you walked into a BBQ restaurant,” the owner replied.

“We specialise in BBQ, ribs, and brisket. We don’t advertise ourselves as a vegan establishment. If you’re looking for vegan food, there’s a fantastic place down the street that caters to those dietary preferences.”

He doubled down by offering the woman a large side salad, but warned that if she continued to disturb other customers they would rather she left.

bbq restaurant vegan reddit

The restaurant specialised in BBQ meat (Credit: Getty)

And leave she did – although, the owner is said to have called the vegan restaurant she was headed to and warn them about her arrival.

After the diner’s departure, the Redditor explained fellow customers were quick to chime in, ridiculing her over the situation.

In the comments, they also had support from people questioning her choice of restaurant, and sharing similar experiences.

“Had a similar experience. Not an entitled parent, more like an entitled ‘social media influencer’ (that’s what she called herself). She threatened to call PETA to shut down my friend’s restaurant. My friend’s small chicken restaurant. For serving chicken,” said one person.

Meanwhile, another Redditor likened the situation to ordering a steak at KFC or a Whopper at McDonald’s.

“Wow, I can’t understand people just expecting there to be options. I scour a menu online and make sure there are easy options before I consider a restaurant, as I feel really bad even asking for modifications,” said a third.

As for us? We’d argue that the BBQ joint could probably have been more accommodating and cooked some vegetables (come on, it’s not that hard). But what do you think? Should she just have picked somewhere else to begin with?

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