Man horrifies the internet by admitting he eats Jaffa Cakes with cheese

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

We’ve seen some pretty quirky snacks in our time. From spaghetti pancakes to Oreo Ritz Crackers, us humans seem to love to eat outside of the box.

But if you thought a Ritz Cracker and Oreo sandwich was sacrilege, then you’re going to want to shut your eyes right about now…

One Reddit user experimented with putting slabs of cheddar onto his Jammy Dodgers, and it’s safe to say that the make-shift meal has divided the internet.

jaffa cake cheese

Yup, that’s a Jaffa Cake with cheese (Credit: Reddit/ u/MrWhispy)

“Behold my post-gig creation,” wrote the Reddit user, on forum CasualUK, describing it as tasting like “cheese and fruit cake, but with a slightly citrusy aftertaste”.

The Redditer also said that the snack was, conveniently “a lot less stodgy.”

But it’s safe to say that the snack was polarising, to say the least…

“Have a word with yourself mate, for all of our sakes,” wrote one disgusted commenter.

Whilst another was also unconvinced, writing: “Somebody call the police, this man is out of control!”

jaffa cake cheese

The reaction was mixed (Credit: Reddit/ u/MrWhispy)

A third branded the dish an “abomination,” adding: “Kids crying, cheers nice one.”

However, there were some who looked on more favourably.

One person said the dish was basically “like a mini cheesecake,” as another wrote: “I’d absolutely eat this without hesitation”.

The poster said it tasted like cheese and fruitcake (Credit: Reddit/ u/MrWhispy)

“Yes. I do [this] too,” chimed in someone else. “Fuck the haters. My go to is choc digestives with cheddar though.” 

Yet another uncomfortable snack for us all to get our heads around, now…

The weird combos didn’t stop there, as someone else explained that his father would typically eat Jaffa Cakes with a slice of cucumber on top. 

Why? We’re not really sure, either.

Jaffa Cakes are a real passion point here in the UK (Credit: Alamy)

To some extent, we can understand cheese on a Jaffa Cake. After all, the fruitiness replaces chutney and the spongey base isn’t a million miles away from a cracker.

Although, saying that, we won’t be racing to try it any time soon.

As for the other bonkers suggestions on the Reddit thread? Well, they certainly prove that our fondness for quirky food combinations isn’t going away any time soon.

To each their own, eh?