Waiter sparks debate about kids in restaurants after family leaves mess

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A waiter has sparked a heated social media debate after calling out “kids and the parents who enable them,” following one family’s messy visit to his restaurant.

Sharing a picture of rubbish and food strewn on the floor, the restaurant host didn’t mince their words as they fumed about their recent punters.

“This is why I, as a restaurant host, hate kids and the parents who enable them,” they wrote. “This is just the floor. I had already cleaned the table, the chairs, and the shattered plate.”

reddit kids mess restaurant debate

The restaurant owner shared this picture of the mess left (Credit: Reddit)

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Reacting to the image, people were quick to take the waiter’s side, stating that they would never leave a table in such a state.

“I grew up with four sisters. Any time we went out to eat, my dad would always go ‘alright kids. Clean up the crime scene before we leave’ and we’d stack the plates and cups, wipe up any stray bits that ended up on the table, pick up straw wrappers, etc,” said one person.

“I still do it to this day.”

“I always pick up after my kids. Idc if the waiter is like ‘it’s okay we got it’. Naw I’m gonna do it. Feels wrong to have someone else do it (sic),” said a second supporter.

“My mother never would have tolerated this from me or my siblings. Not ever,” chipped in somebody else.

messy eating table manners

The restaurant host wasn’t happy with kids making mess (Credit: Alamy)

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However, others were a bit more forgiving, suggesting that the restaurant host was over-reacting about doing a service that was expected of them.

“I waited tables for years, and this sucks, but it’s part of the job,” said someone else. “Kids trash the floor. Period.

“Do you honestly want to see mom underneath your table after they’re done cleaning shIt up? No, you do not. You want them to tip you.”

“Yup I worked in a small Italian restaurant for years,” said a fellow critic. “A quick sweep and move on. Literally the job you’re there to do.”

“Kids are messy. It’s part of the deal,” another person concurred.

This isn’t the first time people have been seen debating kids in restaurants. 

In fact, a restaurant in New Jersey was the topic of conversation recently after completely banning children under 10 due to “noise and mess”. 

crying baby

Should servers just suck it up? (Credit: Alamy)

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Nettie’s House of Spaghetti in Tinton Falls said that it wouldn’t be letting children into its restaurants any more due to the “extremely challenging” issues they presented their staff. 

“Between noise levels, lack of space for high chairs, cleaning up crazy messes, and the liability of kids running around the restaurant, we have decided that it’s time to take control of the situation,” they said on social media. 

Another eatery in Singapore also hit headlines for implementing a ‘noisy kid surcharge’.

Yup, Singapore restaurant, Angie’s Oyster Bar & Grill sparked a hefty debate after one mother received a warning text ahead of her booking, informing her of the ‘surcharge’ they had just put in place.

The restaurant informed the recipient there would be a S$10 (£8.70) surcharge if their children made any noise.

You can read more about that here.