Debate as vegan coworker asks colleague to eat burger outside

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Office politics are always riling people up, whether it's pinching each other's lunch or pedantically labelling the milk and the teabags you've bought.

But we just came across a new office drama... and it's getting people talking.

One person took to Reddit recently to question whether they were in the wrong after their vegan colleague, Carla, demanded they didn't eat meat in front of her.

burger work reddit debate veganThe burger was reportedly making Carla feel nauseous (Credit: Getty)

"I want to preface that most of the time I get on with this person," they said. "But I'm not going to let someone tell me what to eat and where."

The person posting said they were craving a hamburger for a few days, and decided that they would treat themselves to one.

"There's a fastfood burger place close to work so on my lunch break I went and picked up a 'Tall burger'.

"It was nice and hot and my mouth watered walking back to the break room."

burger work reddit debate veganCarla wanted the break room to be meat free (Credit: Getty)

The individual announced that then they bumped into Carla, who exchanged pleasantries with them, before noticing the burger in their hand.

"She said something to the effect of 'yeah, can you not eat that in here?'," they noted. "'The smell makes me nauseous and I can smell it already'."

While the Reddit user noted there was only one break room and they didn't really have anywhere to move, their vegan colleague reportedly stood firm, insisting they eat outside in the snow.

"I just started eating and ignored her so she left," they said. "I'm a pretty empathetic person – if someone has an allergy or something I try to accommodate.

"But being vegan is a choice, and it's not like I went out of my way just to annoy her."

burger work reddit debate veganThey wanted to eat the burger in the break room (Credit: Getty)

Reacting to the Reddit thread, people flocked to express their opinions on the incident, and quite a lot were on the original poster's side.

"You’re allowed to eat what you want to eat, and she doesn’t get to call dibs on the break room. If she was so bothered, she should have left," said one.

Whilst another wrote: "I always say this. If you have a problem with somebody’s appearance, eating habits or lifestyle and they’re in a public place, it is on you to leave."

"It's a breakroom; that's what the break room is FOR," a third chimed in.

"While I understand it is completely rude to bring in smelly foods such as fish and whatnot. She’s not the gatekeeper to what people are allowed to eat because she’s vegan," said a fourth.

What do you think? Who's side are you on?

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