Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Mum sparks backlash after sneaking daughter’s vegan friend meat


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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A mum has sparked debate after revealing she’d been sneaking her kid’s vegan friend meat behind his parents’ backs.

In a post on Reddit, the mother caught more than her fair share of backlash after admitting to giving the 12-year-old meat without her parents’ consent.

She explained that the child’s family “maintains a strict vegan diet where she isn’t even allowed to drink milk.” Pretty normal for a vegan, no?

“[Said child] is bright young girl and she’s a good friend to my daughter, but I noticed how much smaller and paler she is compared to my daughter. I think it’s likely tied to her family’s diet,” the mum went on.

vegan reddit debate

The mum fed the kid meat behind her parents’ backs (Credit: Getty)

“So whenever she is over I always make a big meaty meal for them. Last weekend I made some cheeseburgers and steak for them on the grill with a big glass of milk.

“[The friend] absolutely loves it and always politely asks for more (which I happily provide).

“For snacks I give them some of my venison jerky. For breakfast I typically make a big plate of scrambled eggs and bacon again with a big glass of milk.”

The mother added that the contraband food was always well received.

“Despite her size [she] always wolfs down whatever I make. And I have to say everytime she leaves it looks like she has a healthy glow to her,” she went on.

“I know I probably shouldn’t be doing this but I think [the child] is a bit malnourished (nothing against vegans or anything).”

vegan reddit debate

The mum thought meat would make the child less ‘frail’ (Credit: Pexels)

Admitting that the little girl knew she’d be in trouble if she told her parents, she asked people on the forum if she as wrong for what she was doing.

Well, you can imagine what happened next, can’t you?

“You’re actively and defiantly disrespecting her parents,” said one person in the comments. “You are absolutely judging her family, and her family’s diet, and you are doing this out of some misguided form of activism. You think you’re the hero here saving her from some injustice.”

“You are not her doctor. This isn’t your choice to make,” said someone else. “Undermining her parents’ dietary choices is going to do more harm than good for her.”

“I’m guessing that if someone undermined your parenting you’d have a problem with that, and wouldn’t be soliciting a bunch of strangers on Reddit to support their decision to give you a big private FU,” a third said. “Hope her parents find out and rip you a new one.”

“At 12, this kid is old enough to eat whatever food they want, so if she wants burgers and milk, great. But, 12 is also young enough that doing this without her parents knowledge is pretty crappy,” said another with a slightly more balanced response.

vegan reddit debate

The mum was shocked the vegan child didn’t drink milk (Credit: Pexels)

Meanwhile, a small minority were in the mum’s favour.

“She clearly doesn’t want to be a vegan and you’re feeding her what she wants to eat rather than forcing her to eat vegan like her parents,” one wrote.

As another agreed: “Girl is going to decide what she eats when she grows up, and I think 12 is around the age that they can start making decisions for themselves. If she wanted to continue to be vegan she would decline.”

What do you think about this one? It sounds like the jury is still out…

Featured image: Pexels/ Getty

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