Vegan refuses to babysit nephews after finding out they bring meat-based snacks into her house

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Childcare is something that many people have to do as they get older, even if the kids aren’t yours.

Being a fun auntie and uncle usually means you can get your sibling’s child overexcited and full of sugar before handing them back – but sometimes, they come around to stay.

Different households have different rules when it comes to raising kids, but one vegan has come to blows with their sister-in-law after refusing to provide meat.

Taking to the ever-popular Am I The A**hole forum on Reddit, the aunt was left a little overwhelmed after an argument that she had with her family.

The aunt fed her children vegan food when they were in her home. (Credit: Yagi Studio / Getty)

She began: “I am vegan. For my own personal ethical reasons. I have no problem with other people eating meat. I have been watching my nephews on the weekends for the last few months to help my brother out. He and his wife work opposite schedules during the week and barely see each other.

“So the boys get dropped off with me on Friday night and get picked up Sunday night. I feed them on Saturday and up until an afternoon snack on Sunday.”

The Redditor went on to explain that her brother offers her money to look after the kids, which seems like a fair exchange.

That money is spent on taking the kids out for the day, to places like the museum or to go and see a movie.

Expressing that she likes to be the “fun aunt”, the Redditor revealed that she doesn’t limit what her nephews eat, and if they want to order meat while out and about they are more than welcome to.

Vegan burger

The aunt prepared her nephews a wide range of vegan food. (Credit: alvarez / Getty)

When they are together at home, the aunt cooks vegan meals for her nephews, and her sister-in-law seemed to take issue with this.

The Redditor explained that after the boy’s mother found out about their vegan meals, she began sending them to the house with packed lunches full of things like jerky, pepperoni sticks and cheese.

Despite being asked to stop, the mother kept sending the lunches, so the boy’s aunt declared that until this behaviour was stopped, she wouldn’t look after her nephews and the mother was not allowed in her house.

Apparently, the mother believes that her children “need” meat and that the aunt should be grateful for the money she receives to look after the kids.

The boy’s dad seemed to be stuck between a rock and a hard place, as he asked his sister to go back to the way things used to be, but obviously, he also wants his wife to be happy.

The mother began sending her kids with lunches including pepperoni sticks. (Credit: Juanmonino / Getty)

The post sparked a bit of a debate, as one person wrote: “She doesn’t want meat in her home. It is her ethical choice. The children are not being harmed.”

Though another disagreed, as they said: “The typical rule for babysitting is that if the parents provide the food that is what you feed the kids. You aren’t okay with that and that is fine, that just means you will have a limited relationship with your nephews.”

Another comment read that the mother should be happy that her kids are eating their vegetables, which seems like a pretty valid point…

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