Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Father of the bride sparks debate by refusing to pay towards wedding unless its vegan


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

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A woman has sparked a debate online after sharing that her father wouldn’t pay for her wedding unless she ensured it was vegan.

Explaining her predicament on Reddit, the bride, 30, said her father had always said he would pay for her wedding since she was a child, but after falling in love with somebody who was vegan, he had became progressively more intolerant of her lifestyle.

“About five years ago he started a relationship with lady with quite extreme views,” she said. “She is a vegan, which is fine, but she is very judgemental to how I live.

father of bride vegan pay wedding

The father of the bride said he wouldn’t pay for the non-vegan wedding (Credit: Alamy)

“When I had my daughter she said I should be feeding her almond milk. She once came to my house for dinner and I cooked a chicken for me and my family and a nut roast for my father and her…she later dug a hole in my garden to give the chicken bones a proper funeral because she was so ‘heartbroken to see us eating it’s blood and flesh’.

“I wish I was joking.”

Things went from bad to worse when the bride-to-be brought up her wedding and was told by her father that he will only pay if she makes the whole event vegan.

“This not only includes food, but shoes, alcohol, what other people wear (eg leather) and anything else you can think of.

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father bride refuse pay vegan wedding

The dad wanted a fully vegan affair (Credit: Alamy)

“I might have been okay with vegan food, but I’m not okay with policing what others wear or food they may bring for their babies (even formula) etc.”

Understandably, the bride said she was “upset” – not because of the money, but because of her father’s approach. So, she took the decision to ask him not to attend.

Taking to the Reddit forum, the bride went on to ask fellow users if she had done the right thing.

“I think you’re right that it will be better if they don’t come since they can’t keep themselves from trying to control everything and everyone around them,” said one person. “It’s insufferable and you don’t need that headache on your wedding day.”

Meanwhile, another wrote: “The fact he’s broken his promise and is now manipulating you really sucks.

father bride refuse pay vegan wedding

The woman uninvited her dad (Credit: Alamy)

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“I’m vegan my partner is not. I will not be enforcing on what everyone else can wear or do. If both of us were vegan I’d have all vegan food as the catering but we aren’t so I’m fine with it being suitable for everyone.”

“And as a vegan myself, I’m so very sorry there are vegans like this. They’re more fanatics than anything else really and if it wasn’t veganism it would be religion or something else,” said someone else. “Your dad is an [in the wrong] though, he has no right to make demands on what your guests wear (WTF?) or even what the menu should be like.”

Others suggested that the bride should attempt to talk to her father one-on-one and address her concerns.

What do you think? Would you be extending the invite?

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