Restaurant bans women under 30 in controversial new rule

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A restaurant in Missouri has sparked debate after announcing that women under 30 were banned in order to 'avoid drama'.

Bliss Restaurant in Florissant, near St. Louis, introduced the age restrictions in order to keep the space 'grown and sexy'.

It's not just women who have to be a certain age... so do men, although they have to be 35 to enter.

Posting on Facebook, the Caribbean restaurant's owner said: "To ensure a grown and sexy atmosphere, we require all guests to be 30 or older for women and 35 or older for men.

"This policy helps us maintain a sophisticated environment, uphold our standards, and support the sustainability of our unique ambiance.

"Recently, we have had incidents where our age requirement has been violated and put on social media.

"To reiterate, Bliss Caribbean Restaurant requires all guests to be 30 or older for women and 35 or older for men. This policy is in place to ensure a mature, sophisticated, and safe dining environment for everyone."

Reacting to the post, it's fair to say that the majority of punters seemed pretty on board with the policy.

restaurant ban over 30 women bliss missouriThe restaurant owner wanted a 'grown up' environment (Credit: Getty)

"I like the concept, it's time we mature adults can dine in a relaxing atmosphere without kids screaming, parents screaming, aggressive [behaviours]," said one.

While another wrote: "Growing up there were plenty of spots that had age requirements. Upset me when I was younger but I fully understand now."

"I think this the smartest thing I’ve seen a business do in A LONG TIME," said a third.

"I wish more restaurants/lounges had age requirements like this," said someone else.

Not everyone was happy, though.

restaurant ban over 30 women bliss missouriThe restaurant doesn't want a younger crowd (Credit: Getty)

"This is crazy, born in 92 and still not old enough to eat at a restaurant," wrote one disgruntled customer.

While another penned: "Why is it a age limit it’s not a club?|

Others criticised the establishment for "discriminating" based on gender.

"May I ask why the men have to be older than the women? I would love to be able to come with my fiancé (who's older than me), but he's not 35 for 2 more years," another comment read.

What do you think? Would you visit a restaurant that capped visitors at 30?

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