Someone served a roast dinner in an Easter egg and it’s a crime against humanity

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Listen, we’re all for eating your Easter leftovers until our hearts are content. Throw em together in a hot cross bun toastie or whack a Creme Egg in a croissant – there are infinite, indulgent possibilities.

And here at Twisted you know we’re all about interesting food combinations. Fusion food is literally our bread and butter, after all.

But there are some collabs that simply shouldn’t exist. For one, there is no need to put a roast dinner in an Easter egg… and yet for some inexplicable reason, that is what one individual decided to do.

Sharing the image with infamous Twitter page, Rate My Plate, user Jay G posted a snap of their leftover Easter roast placed inside half an Easter egg shell.

We’re not sure whether Jay was trolling us or if they’re simply barking mad, but not only did they share a glimpse of the egg, filled with stuffing, carrots, mashed potato and meat, they also decided to capture a slo-mo of the gravy slushing down on top of it.

Anyone else quite literally shudder at that?

You can imagine the reaction the roast-filled egg received online. 

“What is wrong with some people,” said one person in the comments after coming across the monstrosity. 

Meanwhile, another wrote: “Nah this is criminal and they had the cheek to do slo mo”.

“Whaaaaat,” said a third, as a fourth simply replied: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

Honestly, we feel ya. 

There was one sole individual that seemed to support Jay’s recipe, though. 

“Everyone knows it would taste awesome but they are ashamed to admit it,” they wrote. “Mashed spuds with gravy and chocolate chip cookies (Maryland to be specific) is also a winner.”

We have nothing to say to this guy. Nothing at all. 

In case you weren’t familiar with Rate My Plate, it’s a corner of Twitter which is hilarious and deeply disturbing in equal measure. 

There are tons of other Easter recipes on there, including Easter themed boiled eggs which have been decorated to look like mice.

And thankfully, Jay’s weren’t the only filled Easter eggs to get a look in. There was also a picture of three delicious looking chocolate shells stuffed with cheesecake. 

Now that’s something we can get behind.