Royal butler reveals how to eat a Pot Noodle ‘properly’

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

We don’t know about you, but we’re pretty sure we’re versed in the ‘correct’ way to eat a Pot Noodle. It’s slurping it on the sofa in sweatpants, right?

Wrong. According to a royal butler, there’s actually a ‘proper’ way to eat a Pot Noodle in polite company, and we literally cannot watch his video without sniggering.

Check it out for yourself here: 


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Speaking on TikTok, Grant Harrold, who is ‘former royal butler to King Charles III and his family’, told his 100,000 followers that the Pot Noodle should actually be enjoyed in a china bowl, with the sauce poured on afterwards from a gravy boat.

Yup, not only does Grant pour the pot noodle out of its container, but he decants the soup on top of the noodles from a literal gravy boat. You couldn’t make it up.

To finish the dish off,  Grant uses a knife and fork and adds a sprinkle of parmesan before twirling up the ‘noods and politely eating them.

“After all, there’s no reason for it to be complicated, is there,” says Grant, who calls himself ‘Britain’s Etiquette Expert’.

grant harrold tiktok pot noodle

Grant Harrold shares his Pot Noodle hack (Credit: TikTok/ Grant Harrold)

When you watch the TikTok, you’d be forgiven the royal butler is about to tuck into a bowl of your finest Italian pasta.

But nope, it’s just a Pot Noodle – and people literally couldn’t believe the elegance he was eating it with.

“Knife and fork … for noodles… are you sure???” said one person in the replies.

Whilst another wrote: “What the heck was that?”

“You have literally lost the pot!,” penned a third.

pot noodle

We’re of the belief that the Pot Noodle is best eaten *in it’s pot* (Credit: Alamy)

There were some who were impressed with the method of eating the noodles, even if they accepted they would never be as polite.

“It’s a lot nicer than my face over the cup, getting my glasses fogged up while slurping up the noodles…,” a fellow TikToker conceded.

Grant might be convinced he’s nailed the ‘correct way’ to eat a Pot Noodle, but in actual fact, the folks at Pot Noodle beg to differ.

The back of a Pot Noodle pot states: “Peel back lid halfway, whip out the sachet and add boiling water to fill level and re-cover with lid.

“Leave alone for two minutes, then add the sachet for that extra flavour!

“Just two more minutes to wait – then grab a fork, give it a good stir and dig in.”

Sure, we can’t imagine King Charles doing this, but then again, he’s probably not eating Pot Noodles, either, is he?!