Salt Bae makes avocado burger that ‘offends meat eaters and vegans’

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Salt-Bae is always getting rinsed for something, isn’t he?

Whilst his steakhouse chain Nusr-Et is often the talk of the town for its gold coated steaks with ludicrously hefty price tags, the chef – real name Nusret Gökçe – is today hitting headlines for something else: his Avocado Burger.

Yup, ICYMI Nusret shared a video yesterday of one of his restaurant’s quirkier menu items – a burger with avocado instead of buns.

The burger is basically exactly how it sounds: it’s a burger patty with melted cheese on top, served in between two avo’ halves. Sounds messy, right?

You can see it being made below:

We’ve got to admit, we’re not mad at the sound of this burger, although we’d obviously rather not forgo bread, and instead have the avocado sliced up inside.

Then there’s the fact that burgers can already come with a lot of spillage… we actually shudder to think how chaotic it would be to eat one of these bad boys (however delicious it might be).

Costing anywhere from £19 to £25, depending if you go for herb crusted fries or parmesan and truffle fries, the burger is available in Nusr-Et’s London restaurant.

Despite it’s predictably chunky price, it’s obviously a natural choice for anyone who is keen to go for a low carb option at the steakhouse.

However, that hasn’t stopped it getting somewhat of a grilling online.

nusr-et salt bae avocado burgers

Sprinkling salt on avo burgers… as you do (Credit: Nusr-Et)

“Somehow this video manages to offend both vegan and meat eating sensibilities at the same time,” said one person in the comments.

Whilst another wrote: “I would pay to see you trying to eat this like a regular burger.”

“Who tf wants to eat that,” chimed in a third.

As a fourth penned: “What a waste of good avocado.”

nusr-et salt bae avocado burgers

Keto burger, anyone? (Credit: Nusr-Et)

For all the haters, there were others who were more enthused by the innovation.

“Uh, I like it. Gonna cook this soon,” said one supporter

As a sixth wrote: “That looks peng.”

Beyond the dish itself, the way the chef pronounced avocado was another talking point – although, it turns out this is a bit of a USP.

You may have noticed he stretches the word out rather, calling it “avocaadoo.”

Well, he’s actually been doing this since last year, when he shared another video of himself chopping up an avo and marvelling at it (as you do). 

You can watch that here: 


Avocadoooo#🥑 #saltbae #saltlife #salt

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Anyway, since then it’s stuck, so it should come as no surprise the chef is continuing to bombard us with avo content.

Would you spend £20 for one of those burgers in his restaurant though? The jury’s still out…