People are just discovering this ‘secret’ salt grinder hack

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Do you ever find something out that leaves you wondering what you’ve been doing your whole life? 

Case in point… people on TikTok have just discovered there are two functions on a salt shaker, and they’re losing their minds about it.

This came to our attention after one man – who goes by @rightguysreview on the short-form video app – shared a video of the discovery. 

The user often posts short clips showcasing different lifestyle hacks, gadget ratings, and food reviews, but it was the salt shaker function that broke the internet…


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“I can’t believe I’m just finding this out today,” @rightguysreview says in the video. “Do you know these salt-shaker things? Well, did you know you can actually change it from fine to ground?

“I never knew that, who knew that? Let’s give it a try,” he continues.

“So, apparently, you just pop this down and it changes it from big to small,” he adds, explaining that the head of the salt grinder can be adjusted to change the size of the salt once ground. 

Positioning the camera above, @rightguysreview demonstrates how the hack works.

“This is normal,” he says, twisting the grinder to release fine salt. 

Then, popping the grinder up, he shows viewers that the salt comes out much finer than before.

Dropping the salt grinder he says: “Oh my God. How am I only finding this out today?”

Evidently, he wasn’t the only one who was left jaw-dropped by the simple hack, as one user pointed out: “Awesome discovery! Thank you for sharing. I would of never knew [sic].”

“Nearly broke my neck running to cupboards to try this out,” another person wrote. 

Someone else was equally as shocked, chiming in with: “I’ve never ran so fast to my cupboard to test it out […] mind blown […].”

“Omg I’ve just done this with my pepper one, thanks for sharing,” another comment read. 

Though, a few commenters claimed it was common knowledge, and that the hack was clearly written on the label of the salt grinder. 

“Who knew that?? it’s only on the back of it,” one sassed. 

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that blow your mind…