Mum pulls son out of school after he’s ‘snack shamed’ by teacher over Pringles

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

A mother has revealed why she removed her son from nursery after he was “snack shamed” by his teacher.

The eating habits of kids have changed a lot over the years – I’m talking about you, Turkey Twizzlers.

What was once acceptable no longer cuts it in school canteens, and there has been a push toward healthy eating in UK schools.

But should teachers police what kids bring in their own lunchboxes? That’s the debate going round on TikTok at the moment…

One mother has shared her experiences, revealing her son returned from nursery with what she deemed as a passive-aggressive note in his lunch box.


She had sent her son to school with a lunch box containing things like a yoghurt, a granola bar, fruit and some Pringles… and it was the latter the caused issue.

When she was unpacking her kid’s lunchbox at the end of the day, she found a note on the Pringles cup that read: “Please help us make healthy choices at school.”

Taking to TikTok, Megan explained that she has since removed her child from the school due to the behaviour of the staff.

Megan was pretty annoyed about it, saying in the vid: “They snack-shamed my three-year-old, they snack-shamed me, by writing that passive-aggressively.”

mum snack shamed pringles kid school

The school encouraged healthy choices (Credit: Pexels)

The mum went on to explain that she disagrees with labels like “healthy” and “unhealthy” as it promotes a negative attitude toward food which can cause issues later down the line.

She had a meeting with the school who she claims told her that she was the one acting passive aggressive due to not adhering to the schools healthy eating policy.

Megan explained: “I didn’t consider Pringles to be [an] unhealthy snack.

“I considered things like Cheetos, Doritos, Milky Way bars – things like that – to be an unhealthy snack.

“Do I think it was appropriate to write it on my son’s empty packet of Pringles? No. I wish that a phone call had taken place, I wish that a message had been sent directly to me.

“There was just no apology. There was no taking responsibility for that behaviour.”

mum snack shamed pringles kid school

The kid brought a small tub of Pringles for lunch (Credit: Alamy)

Following the argument with the nursery, Megan was told that there was “no longer” a place for her son at the summer school, but she decided to withdraw her child altogether.

Labelling the interaction as “disrespectful” and “uncalled for”, Megan revealed that she is sad that her son won’t be able to see his friends again, but encouraged other parents to stand up when it comes to protecting their children.

Reacting to the video, other parents were quick to chime in and offer their two cents.

“Ohhhhh he’d be going with a FULL can on the next day with “no thank you” written on the side in bigggg bold letters!,” commented one mum in the comments.

Whilst another wrote: “I cannot even explain how out of line and wild this seems to me- on the schools part.”

A third said: “I cannot even explain how out of line and wild this seems to me- on the schools part.”

As a teacher at a different school also let their feelings be known.

“I’m a teacher and [shocked face]. I’m just happy when I know my students have full bellies. I cannot imagine writing that to a parent,” they wrote.

In a follow-up video, the mum posted a video of her son happily watching something on an iPad in his PJs and eating….Pringles.

“Pringles kid living his best life,” she wrote in the caption.

Looks like he’s doing just fine!