This brewery has created a hard seltzer that tastes like hot dogs

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

A brewery in Texas has created a hard seltzer that tastes like hot dogs.

Yep, for some inexplicable reason, hot dog seltzer now exists. Honestly, we’re as baffled as you.

Essentially carbonated water with a dash of booze mixed into it, there are tonnes of flavours of seltzers we’d be more than happy to glug down, from those infused with exotic fruits to botanical offerings.

But we’d be lying if we said we’d ever considered a seltzer infused with the juices of everyone’s favourite BBQ meal.

Check out a video of the brewery making the seltzer below: 

Mmm, juicy hot dog water (yeah…no thanks).

The product comes from Martin House Brewing Company, which has a bit of a ‘rep for creating bonkers products and bringing them to market.

It has previously made beers that taste like mustard and pickle, but the hot dog seltzer is next to get its moment in the limelight.

Available to purchase this month, the seltzer is called Awesome Sauce: Bun Length, and is 5.2-percent-ABV.

hot dog

Ever fancied a seltzer that tastes of… hot dog? No, us either (Credit: Alamy)

The Dallas Morning News report that it’s literally made from leftover water which was used to cook 52 pounds of frankfurters. Just what anybody would want to swig down on… right? Right?!

The hot dog will make its debut at Glizzy Fest – a festival dedicated to all things hot dogs, which is opening to the public on July 16 in Texas.

As well as the hot dog seltzer, attendees can take part in a hot dog eating contest, there will be a pool for sausage dogs to paddle and (naturally) there will be tons of hot dogs to eat.


We’ll stick to fruity seltzer, thanks (Credit: Alamy)

Cans of the hot dog seltzer will be available to buy at $4 each (which is around £3.33), and you can also stock up one some of the brewery’s pickle beer, too.

Because why not, ey?

Sadly for UK seltzer fans, there isn’t a way to try this innovation in the UK yet.

How on earth will we cope?