Online debate as friend refuses to split £3,500 dinner bill

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Are you one of those people who always splits the bill without fail, or do you prefer to painstakingly add up what you owe?

Hold that thought…would your answer change if the bill was a whopping £3,500?

Yup, a TikToker has gone viral after refusing to split a bill which sat at that hefty price following a mate’s birthday, and honestly, we kinda get it.

According to the video, the bill came to ‘over $4,600‘ (which is £3,500), causing TikToker @viccgotti to ask his followers if his response was unreasonable.

Watch all the dramz below: 


YALL STORY TIME THIS GIRL WAS MY BEST FRIEND SINCE THE 3rd grade … and she got in frint of her other friends ans started acting funny with me they call me and our friends broke because we didnt want to pay a 4600 dollar bill #viccgotti #debate

♬ original sound – Viccgotti

The video shows some very angry responses to the bill-splitting debate, with the TikToker and a few of his mates adamant that they shouldn’t, whilst the birthday girl and some others were in favour.

One of the TikToker’s mates can be heard asking why they should have to split the bill, adding that some ordered ‘way too much’.

“You got lamb chops, you got steak,” they listed. The TikToker in question said they’d only had calamari and a Sprite. 

However, another woman can be heard laying down the law, insisting: “We come together, we split the bill, period.”

A followup post showed the extent of the row, with the birthday girl fuming over ‘why the f*ck’ she should have to ‘pay for something’ on her special day.

“What did you come out for? Stop coming out in public if you can’t pay for your food. What’s the point in getting food if you can’t pay for it?,” one of her dinner companions added angrily.


WHO WAS WRONG IN THIS SITUATION? THAT BILL WAS OVER 4600 dollars. #viccgotti #debate

♬ original sound – Viccgotti

“Y’all doing way too much,” said one of the men who was anti bill-splitting. “We didn’t order all that. I’m not paying for this baby girl.”

The TikToker explained that whilst the birthday girl was his long-time best mate, having met in third grade, the restaurant was “very expensive” and splitting made it out of budget.

Reacting to the video, it’s safe to say a lot of people were on his side.

“I would find the waitress pay for my food and remove myself from this situation and block all they a*s,” said one.

Whilst another agreed: “I’m never going to argue over splitting a bill. I’m simply going to pay for MY food order & tip, contribute what I want to the bday person, and leave.”

“I’ve never invited ppl on my birthday and expect not to pay for myself unless it was already discussed,” a third person chimed in.

splitting the bill

We’re all for bill splitting – but £3,500? (Credit: Getty)

Meanwhile, a fellow TikToker joked: “I honestly woulda just said I’ll pay for it all, leh me go to the restroom real quick and I woulda split.”

Many pointed out the situation with the bill should have been sorted beforehand, and apparently there was a group chat discussion, but the men disputing hadn’t seen it.

If you’re looking for a silver lining here, apparently the group did make up (despite this TikToker absolutely dragging everyone just days prior). Ah, friendship.

How would we avoid such drama unfolding? Well, we probably wouldn’t spend £3,500 on dinner in the first place, tbh.

Featured image: Getty/ TikTok:Viccgotti