Starbucks barista praised for leaving secret message on customer’s cup

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A Starbucks barista has gone viral online after writing a secret message to a customer who looked like they needed help.

In a post shared on Facebook, and since made private, a woman detailed how her daughter was handed a coffee cup with a message on it at a branch of the chain in Texas.

The message came after the customer, who was 18 years old, was approached by a man when she was waiting on her own at the Corpus Christi branch.

Witnessing the interaction, a staff member called the woman over and told her they had an “an extra hot chocolate someone forgot to pick up.”

“Are you OK? Do you want us to intervene?” a note on the side of the cup read. “If you do, take the lid off the cup.”

The woman went on to detail that luckily her daughter felt safe and didn’t need any intervention, but she went on to praise the coffee chain for offering assistance.

The mum added that the “whole team was watching over her the rest of the time she was there,” and thanked the staff for being so vigilant.

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“She was holding the cup and knew that I would love that someone did that for her,” the mum later told Today. “It made me feel so grateful that the Starbucks employees were watching out for her. As a mom, that is my worst fear that something would happen to my child and nobody would be there to help.”

“This is amazing,” said somebody after seeing the coffee cup and the mum’s caption shared on a viral Instagram post.

starbucks secret menu

The Starbucks staff looked out for the girl (Credit: Alamy)

Meanwhile, another agreed: “Little things like this saves lives!! Thank you for being kind baristas.”

“It’s so comforting to know there are good people out there,” said a third.

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The teenager had apparently been studying in her local Starbucks by herself when she was approached.

Whilst she didn’t feel threatened, she is said to have found the staff’s support comforting, and it wasn’t long before the man became aware the staff were watching and went about his day.

What a wonderful example of the kindness of strangers!