Starbucks workers share secret menu hack to order Kinder Frappe

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

We often see TikTok videos advertising ‘secret menu hacks’ from our favourite coffee shops, and we never quite know whether to believe them.

Anyone else cringe at the thought of walking into your favourite coffee chain and asking for a ‘mermaid latte’ only to be stared at blankly by the barista?

But we’ve just found a Starbucks menu hack that is actually legit – and we’re pretty darn excited about it.

Check it out below: 


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Promoted by the Ipswich branch of the coffee shop on TikTok, two baristas tell customers that if they go into a store they can order a frappe that tastes exactly like a Kinder chocolate bar.

Shared on the page, @starbuckswestgatest, the baristas said the iced drink could be ordered by using a secret menu hack (which we’re going to be trying immediately). 

Apparently, the drink is made from milk, white chocolate and hazelnut syrup, a ‘secret’ syrup and a load of ice.

Then, it’s topped with a massive swirl of whipped cream for good measure. Ummm, hello.

kinder bueno starbucks latte

The baristas say the drink tastes ‘just like Kinder’ (Credit: Tiktok/ @starbuckswestgatest)

The coffee making duo explain that all you have to do to get your hands on the drink is order a white mocha frappe with a shot of hazelnut, which apparently “tastes just like Kinder”.

Thanks very much, TikTok.

In the comments, some people said they had been ordering the tasty combination for ages, and others confirmed it tasted like the chocolate bar.

Others said they were excited to try the secret menu item out for themselves next time they visited a Starbucks.

“Any time I go to Starbucks I get this,” wrote one person in the comments.

starbucks kinder frappe

The end result (Credit: TikTok/ @starbuckswestgatest)

“This looks sooooo good,” said another. 

“White chocolate cream frappe with pump of hazelnut tastes like Kinder… get it all the time from Starbucks it’s so good(sic),” concurred a third. 

Meanwhile a fourth suggested ordering it without the coffee if you wanted to amplify the sweet, chocolatey taste.

“For those who don’t need the caffeine – white hot choc + caramel + hazelnut,” they wrote.

starbucks secret menu

Are you clued up on Starbucks secret menu hacks? (Credit: Alamy)

The Starbucks page has also shared how to get various other hush-hush menu items, including a peach and raspberry slushy, which looks refreshing AF.

If you want to check out all the drinks on their page, you can do so by visiting their TikTok.