Subway workers are sharing the wildest orders they’ve ever received

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Ever order the most random mish-mash of fillings when you go to Subway, and awkwardly look around to check that nobody you know has caught you in the act?

Yes, for some bizarre reason you want olives and extra garlic sauce with your meatball marinara, and no, you don’t want to have to feel any shame in the process.

Well, the good news is that however weird you think your Subway order is, it’s probably not as odd as the ones we’re about to tell you.

Yup, a former Subway employee has opened up a conversation about the weirdest order she ever received, and some of the responses are truly shocking.


Want to feel better about your Subway order? Well, read on… (Credit: Alamy)

Speaking on Twitter, user @pb_and_garlic wrote: “While I worked at Subway in my early twenties, I made many… questionable sandwiches.

“But there is one I will never forget. I think about this sandwich at least once a week. It haunts my nightmares. I sincerely worry about the person who ordered it.”

She then went on to explain what the sandwich was (and we warn you, it’ll almost certainly make you lose your appetite…)

Read the full thread below at your peril: 

“This early dinnertime shift (5-6pm), there were three of us working the line, all 20-somethings, because at the time all the “big adults” had quit or been fired. (Our store was run by kids for about a month.) A group of high school-aged kids came in,” she wrote. 

“I served the second girl in the group. She wanted a footlong on white bread, cool. Double provolone and double American cheese, I can respect that. Does she want it toasted? No. Veggies? No. Sauce? Yes, ranch please.

“Now I’m not denying people who have the tastebuds of a toddler the privilege of watching your sandwich come together before your very eyes behind a curved pane of glass covered with the fingerprints and sneezes of those who came before them. They deserve Subway too.

“However, this girl wanted ranch dressing. So I put ranch (two lines) on her sandwich. ‘More please.’ I put two more lines of ranch on her sandwich. ‘More please.’ I put another two lines. Her: (visibly annoyed) ‘More than that.’ I am beginning to become concerned.


We guarantee your Subway order isn’t as bad as these guys (Credit: Subway/ Instagram)

“I add more. At this point the cheese, the only other thing on the bread, is nearly obscured. She’s irritated now. “Just keep going.” I stare at her, refillable squeeze bottle in hand. ‘You want… more than this?’ Her: ‘Yeah, I’ll tell you when to stop.’

“I continue. I am in disbelief. After a few more passes with the bottle, the dressing is beginning to run off the sides of the bread. I look up at her. She does [a go ahead motion].

“My soul exits my body as I continue to squirt ranch dressing onto her ‘sandwich.’ It’s more of an open-face soup at this point. I look up at her, expecting her to tell me to stop. She doesn’t. She wants more. Her friends are looking over [baffled].

“I feel like that waiter in the cartoons who is never told “when” as he grates fresh parmesan onto someone’s pasta. The plate is just a mound of grated cheese. The table is covered in cheese. The room fills with cheese. But my room is filled with ranch dressing.

“Dear reader, I ran out. And she says, ‘Do you have another bottle?’

“People with normal, human-style sandwiches are passing her in line. Her friends are already paying or sitting down. I don’t look at her anymore. I look at my manager, standing beside me. He shrugs. We are broken people. ‘I guess use the other bottle.’

“I must have eventually satisfied her demands for ranch dressing. I weakly asked if she would like salt or pepper (no). I don’t know how I wrapped that thing, I must have blacked out. I just remember how w e t it was.

“She paid for that monstrosity and then sat down and ate with her friends, seemingly without incident. I don’t know how. I will never understand how. If I think about it too long my mind will collapse in on itself, imagining the eldritch horror of The Worst Sandwich I Ever Made.”


PSA: There’s such thing as too much dressing (Credit: Subway)

We must admit, when reading this, we felt a bit sick. But it didn’t stop us morbidly scrolling through all the replies the Subway worker got, too. 

You think that’s mad? There’s plenty more…

“I had one who asked for a meatball sub, double provolone, extra sauce, add raspberry cheesecake cookies (to the sandwich, like 3 across the top bun), extra mayo once,” commented another former employee in the comments. “I still cry.”

Meanwhile, a fellow Subway alumni wrote: “In my Subway days I made a MeatBall and Tuna Sandwich at someone’s request. I still don’t believe it can possibly get worse than that.”

“I did one [where] he asked for a meatball sub with everything. And he meant everything. Every topping, every condiment, every sauce,” mused a third.

“I worked at Subway as a naive 15yo and we had a guy who would ask us to just completely coat his sub (Tuna, maybe?) in black pepper,” somebody else added shortly afterwards. “So much pepper that the sandwich was unrecognizable and I’d have to step outside for fresh air. I will never understand how he ate it.”

Whilst finally – and perhaps worst of all – another chimed in: “The worst sandwich I ever made when working at Subway was a foot long that the customer requested I put so many onions on it that i couldn’t close it, and 3/4ths of our mayo. That’s it.”

Phew, anyone else feeling a bit better about their sandwich order now?