We’re kind of obsessed with this Sunday Roast Lasagne

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

We don’t need to tell you we’re all about fusion food here at Twisted, it’s literally in the name. But we must admit that even we did a double take when we saw the latest dish causing a storm on social media.

Introducing Sunday Roast Lasagne.

sunday roast lasagne

Yep, that’s a lasagne made out of roast ingredients (Credit: Planet Food)

Now, don’t get us wrong, we love both Sunday roasts and lasagne. One is a British institution and the other is an Italian delicacy, but how would a combination of the two of them work?

We must admit, we didn’t know how to feel at first. If you think about it, both are famed for being ultimate comfort foods – the type cooked up by your nan after a long day, and typically eaten in excess.

But then we envisaged gravy soaked pasta sheets, and our stomachs did a little nervous twinge…

Upon closer inspection, though, our fears were soon quashed (Italian Nonnas, you can open your eyes now).

Shared by food blog, TikTokers and quirky cookbook authors, Planet Food, the Sunday Roast Lasagne isn’t made from pasta sheets, but instead uses Yorkshire pudding layers to create the same affect. Pretty clever, huh?

Check out a video below: 


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“This is perfect way to use up any roast dinner left overs or to just make from scratch for the perfect Sunday scranning,” Planet Food teased.

And several people in the comments agreed.

“Oh my god,” wrote one user, whilst another said: “No I actually love the look of this”

“Right up our street,” said another, tagging a pal, as a fourth wrote: “Game changer right there”.

sunday roast lasagne

Sunday Roast Lasagne in the making… (Credit: Planet Food)Understandably, there were some doubters out there, too.

“That’s a crime,” wrote one person in the comments, whilst another branded it an “actual violation”.

Whether you love or hate the idea of this, we bet you’re intrigued… You can find their recipe below:

Sunday Roast Lasagne

Serves 6

  • Roast some chicken, this can be a whole chicken or any cut you like. You’ll need around 900g
  • Let your chicken cool slightly and then shred. You want it chunky
  • Prep some cauli broccoli cheese – you want your florets nice and small so you can spread this later
  • Prep your roasties, you’ll need enough to go around the edge of your chosen lasagna dish
  • Cook a packet of stuffing mix to packet instructions – make sure it’s in small crispy pieces
  • Cook around 300g each of peas and carrots
  • Make 1l of chicken gravy
  • To make your giant yorkie pud lasagna sheets first preheat your oven to 210C
  • Now add 210g plain flour and 6 large eggs to a mixing bowl and whisk.
  • Add 300ml of milk whilst whisking until the mix is runny. (this mixture will make 3 Yorkie pud sheets)
  • Cover the bottom of 3, 30cm baking sheets (or 1 and repeat 3x) with vegetable oil and put into your hot oven
  • Once your oil is hot, pour your batter in, and bake for around 15 mins (Keep an eye on it as it could cook quicker!)
  • Now you’re ready to layer your lasagne!
  • Layer the gravy, then chicken, then carrots and peas. Add a yorkie pud sheet, then top with cauli cheese. Repeat this x3
  • On top, add your roasties and sprinkle over crispy stuffing and then add 80g of cheese (we used parmesan but cheddar will be nice too!)
  • Bake at 180 for around 15 – 20 mins until lasagna is piping hot and the cheese is melted

Love or hate the idea of this dish, we bet you low-key wanna try it…