Tea Bombs: You can now buy ‘bath bombs’ for your tea

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

If you’re a TikTok obsessive like us, you might have noticed a new food trend popping up, of late.

People are making little ‘bath bombs’ for their tea – and the idea is actually pretty darn neat.

Don’t believe us? Just look at a few of our faves: 


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So popular is the new TikTok trend that the hashtag #teabomb has now amassed over 25 million views on the app, with hundreds of people sharing videos of bath bombs you put in your brew.

But what actually are tea bombs? We’ve got the DL:

What are ‘tea bombs’?

Tea bombs are basically tea bags or leaves stuffed in dissolvable ‘bubbles’, which disintegrate when you pour hot water over them.

Not only are they aesthetically pleasing (some even have glitter or little flowers inside them), but the ‘tea bombs’ are also full of interesting flavours and tea combinations.

There are your standard Earl Grey varieties, but also a bunch of fruity alternatives, and even quirky flavours like Birthday Cake.

Where to buy ‘tea bombs’

Tea bombs are still pretty niche – you won’t find ’em in Tesco just yet. But there are tonnes of independent sellers touting them on the web.

One of our faves is Etsy seller, @SweetsMagicTreats (she’s currently sold out, but keep an eye on her page for a new drop, soon). She sells a whole bunch of incredibly designed and brightly coloured tea bombs, in the shape of human heart.

It might sound gory, but they’re actually pretty mesmerising. Check out her Watermelon Sugar flavour, below: 


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User, @also has a similar offering on her page, selling glittery tea bombs stuffed full of herbal tea flowers.

And they’re available beyond Etsy, too. Website Bird & Blend Tea Co is selling a whole variety of tea bombs in fun and quirky flavours, including Birthday Cake, Strawberry Lemonade and Deckchair Dreaming (whatever that tastes like).

bird and blend tea co

The Bird and Blend tea bombs are almost too pretty to dissolve (Credit: Bird and Blend Tea Co)

At under a tenner, these would make the perfect gift for a friend’s birthday, or a pretty cute party favour.

But we won’t judge if you buy them simply to pimp up your own tea game. After all, there’s nothing like a really smashing cuppa.

How to make a ‘tea bomb’

If you’re feeling a little more creative, you can also make your own tea bombs from scratch. 

To make the outer shell, you need to melt isomalt (which is a sugar substitute) into water, then add a food colouring of your choice. 

All you have to do next is pour the mixture into moulds and move it around so that all parts are completely covered and then let it cool completely, before taking the solid shapes out. 

Once you have your dried out half spheres, you can pop them out the moulds and stick them together into globe shapes, using a hot skillet to melt the edges so that they fuse nicely. 

Make sure you stuff them first, using whatever you like, from tea bags or leaves to edible glitter. 

For a more detailed rundown, check out TikTok user, @belowzerogrubb‘s how-to vid, below: 


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We don’t know about you, but our tea-game just got a *whole lot* more exciting…