Tennis fan’s ‘criminal’ way of eating a hot dog has caused an uproar on social media

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Social media users have been left baffled by a tennis fan’s “criminal” method of eating a hot dog.

Now, we all know that hot dogs are one of the most popular foods on the planet. It is estimated that the average American household consumes around 70 hot dogs every single year, with everybody having their own personal preference.

Personally, I like mine simple with some onions, mustard, and ketchup – but you can go all out and get Chicago-style hot dog, cheese dogs, chili dogs, Montreal hot dogs, corn dogs, vegan alternatives, and many more.

They also taste great in casseroles and pasta dishes, making them a staple of any fridge.

Therefore, you’d assume that most people out there know how to actually eat one, right? You just hold the bun and pop it in your mouth – I feel like it is just ingrained in our DNA. However, one tennis fan has left social media users reeling after she was spotted desecrating the glorious hot dog while watching a match at the Australian Open.

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In fact, it was all so bizarre that the person behind her actually felt the need to record what was happening and share it with the rest of the world.

The video shows the woman sitting in the stands, hot dog in-hand.

Firstly, the hot dog is DRY. There is a severe lack of any sauce or anything moist that would have made this meat treat drier than the Sahara.

Next, rather than simply biting into the hot dog (you know, as we had previously discussed), she instead opts to use her fingers to tear a piece off.

The video was shared to Twitter by Josh Garlepp, who jokingly captioned his post: “A lot of people have their opinions on how to eat a hotdog, but this is the only way.”

After amassing more than 55,000 views and making headlines in publications like the New York Post, it wasn’t long before people made their opinions heard.

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Firstly, let’s discuss the lack of sauce. “The biggest crime here is that there is no sauce or mustard,” one Twitter user wrote.

A second added: “Any chance of some sauce on that dog?? Looks dry.”

“Good lord, that is making me thirst looking at it. Put some sauce or mustard on it, for the love of God,” a third wrote.

Others went on to say that the video was making them “feel ill”, with one person quipping: “Exactly how I’d imagine a tennis fan would eat it.”

One Twitter user went as far as to brand the tennis-goer a “serial killer” for her cold and calculated eat methods.

And the woman certainly had her supporters, with one person saying: “This act precedes normal eating behaviuor and ensures precise snag/bun ratio, especially on the first and arguably most important bite. Any other conclusion is an oversight.”

Another argued: “At $9.50 a mouthful, I’d be taking my time to get my money’s worth as well!!!”

And finally, I really don’t know that I think of this person’s suggestion…

…This is either genius or utterly insane. But then again, that is a fine line between the two. And that line is apparently the width of a juicy hot dog.

Featured image credit: Handmade Pictures / Alamy / Twitter / @JoshGarlepp