New Zealand TV presenter smashes Terry’s Chocolate Orange on her head

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

We thought we’d seen it all when one TikToker tried to take a bite out of a Terry’s Chocolate Orange and eat it as if it were an apple.

But now TV presenters in her hometown of New Zealand have got their hands on the Christmas snack, and you’d honestly think they’d come face-to-face with an alien!

Yup, after seeing Jazz Thornton, who goes by @notjazzthornton on TikTok, trying (and failing) to consume her chocolate orange, they thought they’d give it a go themselves.

Jazz attempted to bite the chocolate orange like an apple (Credit: TikTok/ Jazz Thornton)

Be warned, what came next is pretty hard for any chocolate orange fan to see…

Discussing how Jazz was supposed to “smash” the chocolate orange before eating it (we say whack, but whatever floats your boat), one presenter tells his colleague: “Apparently there’s a bit of a tradition in England of smashing them against your head when you first get it”.

News to us, but there you go!

“What?,” another of the presenters asks incredulously.

But before you know it, that’s what is happening, as a third colleague picks up the chocolate orange and proceeds to hit her own forehead with it.

“Why not?,” she asks, before realising that it hurt, and exclaiming: “Ow, nope!”.

Who would have thought punching yourself in the face with a chocolate orange would hurt, ey?


Hire me @ terry’s for your next marketing campaign 😂 Don’t worry Brits! We are teaching the world 😂 #british

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“I must live under a rock here in the UK as don’t think I have ever smashed one against my head,” said someone in the comments.

Whilst another joked: “Terry’s chocolate orange, giving mild concussions for years”.

“Nobody smashes it against their head,” wrote a third, alongside a string of laughing emojis.

Maybe all these people should just give their chocolate oranges to us and let us eat them in peace!