Man claims to be Yorkshire Pudding addict and vows to eat 600 over Christmas

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

We thought we were partial to a Yorkshire pudding, but then we came across this guy. 

Jake Farrar appeared on ITV’s This Morning last week to introduce himself as a ‘Yorkshire pudding addict’, bragging about the fact he had eaten 146,000 so far in his lifetime.

Check out a video of him explaining more below: 

The 25-year-old told an impressed Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary that he regularly ate 20 Yorkies a day, racking up a bill of £50 per month to satisfy his craving.

Jake, from Middlesborough, went on to say that he was expecting to eat around 200 on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day alone.

Speaking on the daytime show, Jake confessed he doesn’t often knock up his own Yorkshire puds as he prefers Aunt Bessie’s.

However, he does get creative with the different ways he eats the battered roast staples, scoffing the likes of Yorkshire pudding burritos, three course meals centred around Yorkshire puddings and even a huge stuffed Yorkshire pudding over on his TikTok.

“Do you ever go a day without eating a Yorkshire pudding?,” Dermot asked as he appeared on the show.

jake farrar yorkshire pudding this morning

Jake is a self confessed Yorkie addict (Credit: ITV)

To which Jake replied: “Not really, no.”

He went on to admit that even on a Monday, after a roast the day before, he never fancies skipping out on a Yorkie.

“No, that’s not a mood that I have,” he laughed. “We might have a sausage casserole and that can go with Yorkshires… or a shepherd’s pie.”

“So, you use it almost like people would a potato, to go alongside something?,” Dermot asked.

“Exactly, yeah!”, he said.

Jake sat down in front of a huge pile of Yorkshire puddings which he claimed represented his weekly intake of the Sunday treat.


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In front of him there were also some of the dishes he liked to eat, including a Yorkshire pudding breakfast burrito, stuffed with sausage, hash browns and egg, a dessert-style Yorkshire pudding snack, which saw him fill them with jam and clotted cream.

Reacting to the segment, it’s safe to say that people had a lot of thoughts.

“What an absolute legend… love a Yorkshire pudding,” said one. 

While another said: “I know that Yorkshire Pudding addiction. #ThisMorning.”

There were some (read, a lot) of people, that thought 20 Yorkies a day was a little overboard.

“I love a Yorkshire pudding but one is enough,” wrote one, alongside a laughing emoji. 

Meanwhile, another penned: ” I mean Yorkshire pudding is nice an all that but this….”

We’re not here to judge anybody’s eating habits, but we’d have to agree that 200 Yorkshire puds in two days might even leave us defeated.

Saying that, we can’t help but admire Jake’s commitment to the cause. You do you, hun, and we’ll watch on with admiration…