Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Vegan brand causes a stir after putting advert next to butchers


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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A vegan sausage brand has sparked debate after erecting an advert right next to a ‘family butchers’.

The popular plant-based brand, named THIS, made the bold move to put up a massive advert for its pork sausage alternative right next to a butchers selling real ones.

“THIS is kind of a pig deal,” the poster read, alongside a picture of a half-bitten sausage.

There was also a disclaimer that the 100 per cent plant-based item contained 83 per cent less saturated fat than your typical pork sausage.

this vegan sausage advert poster butchers

THIS shared the cheeky poster on its feed (Credit: Facbook/ THIS)

After THIS shared a picture of the strategically positioned billboard on Facebook and Insta, it’s fair to say that people had opinions.

“Awks,” their caption simply read.

Criticising the brand for the statement, one sarcastically wrote: “Hell yeah, family butchers! Gotta support the local businesses.”

While another wrote: “Working to put the little guy out of business. How big and clever of you.”

Some were more impressed by the campaign.

“Perfect location,” said someone alongside a laughing emoji.

However, other critics were adamant they’d still prefer the meat.

“You have fun with that, I’ll stick to real pork,” claimed one, whilst another penned: “I’d literally walk past that sign and straight into the butchers.”

Can’t win em all, ey?

this vegan sausage advert poster butchers

THIS is a very popular vegan brand (Credit: Instagram/ THIS)

The poster comes as a TV ad, which airs on ITV and ITVX tonight, shows food critic Grace Dent conducting a pork sausage taste test (which – you guessed it – features a sneaky THIS sausage in the mix).

Co-founder of THIS, Andy Shovel said the brand’s promotional materials were all intended to cause a stir.

“We’re very excited to be essentially slapping Londoners in the face with a sausage over the next month,” he said, according to Mobile Marketing Magazine.

“It is also a huge milestone for THIS to kick off our first ever TV campaign, which shows that even food royalty Grace Dent couldn’t tell the difference.”

Featured image: Facebook/ THIS

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