Brits are horrified by this American woman appearing to make tea for the first time

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As Brits, if there is one thing we’re passionate about, it’s tea. It’s as much a part of our country’s identity as The Queen or a love of queueing.

So, you can imagine the dismay that erupted online when one American TikToker announced she would be trying a cuppa for the very first time – and then proceeded to destroy a poor, innocent teabag before our very eyes….

In the clip, shared on TikTok, the user, named Emily Zugay, had intended to make a cup of tea so she could see what all the fuss was about.

You can watch her attempt below (if you dare…)


Tea taste test

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“Today I’m taste testing tea because I’ve never had any before,” she said. “I’m trying sleepy time tea, and I got the big one because I’m assuming I’ll like it.”

Holding the teabag up to the camera, she then told followers that she thought the process of making tea was “pretty self-explanatory.”

But she swiftly proved herself wrong, grabbing a pair of scissors and chopping the end of the teabag off and then pouring the loose tea leaves into a mug of hot water.

Seriously, avert your eyes now.

tiktok tea

Put. The. Scissors. Down (Credit: TikTok/emilyzugay) 

“Alright so you stir it around, and I’m assuming it’ll dissolve into the tea at some point, just in a couple of minutes,” she says in the video.

Reader, we don’t need to tell you that the tea leaves did not dissolve. 

“It’s been a few minutes, and nothing has happened; I tried it, obviously, and it’s a total mess. They really need to make something that contains it. Otherwise, it just goes everywhere,” she says.

Honestly, you couldn’t make this up. How about a teabag? Reckon that would do it?! 

Teasing the apparently bewildered tea drinker, people were quick to offer her false solutions to her frankly diabolical brew.

“[You’re] supposed to chew on the package then drink hot water,” mocked one person in the comments.


The end result was a mug full of tea leaves (Credit: TikTok/ emilyzugay)

As another wrote: “It’s cause you’re using a coffee mug, you need a tea cup and it’ll work”.

Others had no time for joking, and were instead just downright offended by the TikToker’s use of a teabag.

“As a tea drinker. This made me so uncomfortable. Like watching a horror movie,” wrote one disgruntled scroller. “Well done.”

“Think I’ve just had a stroke,” chimed in somebody else.

We should mention that Emily Zugay has gone viral on TikTok before, so it is very possible she’s having us all on, and simply created the vid to get everybody riled. 

Nonetheless, there’s no denying her video reminded us all how passionate we are about the humble cuppa.