TikToker offends the whole UK by trying to eat Terry’s Chocolate Orange whole

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

A TikToker has accidentally offended the whole of the UK by attempting to take a bite out of a whole Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

User Jazz Thornton, who is from New Zealand, was filming herself trying various UK staples, like Terry’s chocolate orange and Yorkshire Tea.

But when she tried the former for the first time, it’s safe to say she got the wrong idea about how you’re meant to eat it.

You can watch the clip below: 


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In the TikTok clip, Jazz could be seen unwrapping the chocolate orange before trying to prize apart a segment.

“My friend from England brought me back this Terry’s Orange thing and I just unboxed it earlier and everyone was like, ‘You must try it!’,” she said.

“I’ve never had it before. It’s quite heavy, I thought it would be like a shell.

“How do you…how does one…oh it’s like little orange slices!”

Unaware of the whacking technique, when Jazz couldn’t free a segment of the orange, she assumed she was meant to bite it like an apple.

“I thought okay, it was slices but maybe it’s not,” she told the camera, and then carnage ensued…

The chocolate orange needs a whack to open (Credit: Alamy)

Jazz could be seen biting the chocolate orange directly. We can only imagine how much that would have hurt our teeth…

“I think I did that very wrong,” wrote Jazz as she captioned the video.

It’s safe to say this caused a bit of a stir online.

“YOU DID NOT JUST BITE A CHOCOLATE ORANGE,” wrote one person in response to the clip.

Whilst another penned: “I actually gasped when she bit into it”.

“Everyone in the comments collectively died in that instant,” chimed in somebody else.

As a fourth concurred: “Every Brit watching this screamed HIT IT ON THE TABLE”.

Whacking a chocolate orange is a basic instinct here in the UK, spurred on by the infamous ‘don’t just tap it, whack it’ advert.


I don’t know how you will take this one 😂 #british #terryschocolateorange #royals #royalfamily

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The TikTok, which has now amassed 1.8 million views, caused so much furore that Jazz has since issued an apology.

In the clip, Jazz addressed the “entirety of the UK” and said sorry doing something “very offensive”.

She then filmed herself whacking a chocolate orange on the table, and told viewers: “I get it now!”

You live and you learn, ey?