Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Diner criticises parents for leaving baby’s ‘disgusting mess’ in restaurant


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Asiya Ali

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Social users are divided after one man slammed parents for leaving a restaurant without cleaning up after their baby.

TikTok user Beau – who goes by the handle @beau_the_legend – was at a diner when he spotted the mess, and was so angry that he decided to record it and put it on social media.

In the viral footage, there were two empty high chairs next to a table and bits of food scattered all over the floor.

Watch the TikTok below:


You gotta feel sorry for the wait staff.

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Beau from Australia didn’t think that it was acceptable for the parents to leave the table in a disorderly manner for the staff to clear up so he said: “I don’t care who you are as a parent, leaving a f***ing restaurant like that is disgusting.”

While we don’t know the context surrounding the scene, Beau stood firm in his belief, and penned in the video caption: “You gotta feel sorry for the wait staff.”

The clip amassed over 988K views and 24,7K likes on the social media platform, and the comments section was flooded with users being divided over who should clean up the mess.

One user agreed with Beau and wrote: “110%! Leaving it like that is just pure disrespect!”

Another person chimed in: “I always try to clean up as much as I can that my daughter left. I feel bad for them.”

And, a third commented: “It’s common decency. Those people saying ‘not even sorry’ ……those are the type of people to not even say thank you and/or sorry for the mess.”

tiktok messy kids restaurant debate

Would you leave a mess in a restaurant? (Credit: Getty)

However, some people were critical of the TikToker for slamming the parents. One person cited their own experiences as they explained why it’s sometimes easier for the staff to clean up the clutter.

“My son made a mess like this, I went to ask the lady at the cafe for a broom and she told me not to worry it’s her job. She told me mine was to relax,” they wrote. 

A second user added: “I was picking up scrambled egg that my toddler threw all on the floor and the waitress literally told me to stop because it’s her job to sweep it.”

One last user shared: “Bro, I ask for a broom. I basically BEG and they always tell me no they got it so I just tip really well. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT ME TO DO?!”

Well, it seems like there’s no right answer when it comes to clearing up after your kids at a restaurant…but we can all agree that it is important that you do your bit when you can.

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