People are just discovering how to open Haribo packets

saved! saved!

Every day's a school day, folks.

We are constantly amazed by the number of times we realise we've been doing something totally wrong our whole lives.

And the most recent case in point? It turns out we never knew how to open Haribo packets correctly...

haribo packet how to open Turns out we've been doing it wrong... (Credit: Getty)

You see, a viral video has just revealed that our lives could have been so much easier.

Before you roll your eyes, let us explain.

Do you tear your bag aimlessly at the top? Us too – and there's a much easier way.

It turns out the plastic bit at the top (you know, the one the bag of sweets hangs from in the shop) actually has a double purpose.

Take a firm hold of it and yank it downwards and you end up creating a strip down the middle of your Haribo bag, just the right size to yank out small sweets from.

Check the trick out below:

This means no Haribo spillage, and maximum convenience. Nifty, eh?

It gets better, though.

Opening your Haribo in this way means you can easily reseal the bag by pulling the strip you've created in the plastic around the bag like a ribbon.


When the trick surfaced on TikTok, there was much excitement.

"F**king hell, I think this has changed my life," said one person in the comments.

While another wrote: "Right... I'm off to buy Haribo now."

haribo packet how openYou'll never eat your sweets the same again (Credit: Getty)

"My life was a lie," a third chimed in.

It wasn't a hack that everyone felt they needed, though.

"I just eat the whole pack so I don't need this hack," someone else chimed in.

As a fellow TikTok user concurred: "Doesn't matter... I always finish the bag in one go."

Of course, this is a hack we could have very well survived without knowing, but then again, aren't all the best hacks similarly basic?

Sometimes we just wanna get excited about a clever way to open a packet of Haribo, okay?

Featured image: Getty