Influencer ‘yelled at’ in restaurant for taking pictures of food

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

An influencer has taken to social media after being called out for taking pictures in a restaurant using a professional light.

The TikToker, who goes by the name of @morgan.raum on the app, took to her page to post a review of restaurant Bad Roman in New York, with oozy food-porn video shots galore.

But mid-way through the clip, she had to take a break because the couple next to her weren’t to happy with her filming the process.

You can watch the clip below: 


Replying to @darlingauthority the redemption arc no one saw coming 👀 p.s. left out details about the angry couple so i can make another vid #badroman

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“Taking a short break for the older couple who screamed at us for using out lights in the restaurant and then left,” she said, cutting to a shot of herself awkwardly laughing at the interaction.

She added that the restaurant handled the situation really well, in the comments, one woman was quick to comment that the couple may have had a point.

“You absolutely deserved to get yelled at for bringing out lights at a restaurant lmao,” she said.

taking pictures in restaurants debate

Taking pictures in restaurants will always be divisive (Credit: Alamy)

Firing back at the comment, Morgan went on to argue her own case.

“It’s not that I don’t understand why people are upset that this happened,” she said. “[But] I’ve been a food blogger for nine years and nothing like this has ever happened to me.

“Bad Roman is a really Instagram friendly restaurant. They’re inviting content creators to do this. 

“Also, like, everyone going to Bad Roman right now and the reason it’s so hard to get a reservation is because it’s blowing up on social media.

“So if you’re going to an Instagram restaurant, or a TikTok restaurant, I think you can expect to see people using their lights at the table.”

You can watch her explanation below: 


Replying to @jennfaynberg it’s 2023 and this is a loud, wacky, made -for-social-media restaurant. not sure what they were expecting tbh

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She went on to explain that the light she used wasn’t even that bright, and that she still believed the couple next to her were over-exaggerating.

The influencer added that the diners in question were being “really rude” not only to her, but to the staff.

“I gladly and immediately said I would move tables, and the manager said no because I’m allowed to take videos, even if I’m not an influencer.”

Whilst it seems pretty clear that in this instance, the influencer hadn’t done anything wrong, there’s definitely a divided opinion over snapping food and drink at restaurants.

taking pictures in restaurants debate

Just let people snap their pictures in peace (Credit: Alamy)

Naturally – as a social media food brand – you can imagine our stance on the issue. However, we understand that photographing food might not be everyone’s jam.

But how about we just let everyone enjoy a restaurant experience however they want to? Life’s too short to be arguing over ring lights.