Waiter divides opinion as he reveals 'petty' way he gets revenge on diners

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A waiter has sparked a hefty conversation online after revealing the 'petty' ways he gets revenge on diners who piss him off.

The TikToker, named Dylan Carlino, from Texas, didn't mince his words when he revealed the behaviours that grind his gears in the workplace.

And he wasn't having any of it, explaining there were "consequences" for those who got on his bad side.

"Seat yourself at a dirty table? Not a problem, I’ll clean around you," he said.

He went on to add that those who don't wait to be seated really rubbed him up the wrong way.

"People will come in and seat themselves in my section without talking to anybody and I’ll just let them sit there for 20 minutes until they’re like, “excuse me, nobody’s helped us”,’ he said.

"‘I go 'nobody’s helped you? There’s dirty plates, what are you talking about? You guys already ate.'

"They’ll say 'these aren’t ours' and I’ll go 'these aren’t yours? Wait, did you guys come in and seat yourselves and not talk to anybody?‘"

GettyImages-167457897.jpgApparently it's a pet peeve all waiters have (Credit: Getty)

The customers are then typically escorted back to the front of house and have to be seated all over again, sometimes facing a 30 minute wait. Burn.

"Job title: server. Job duties: judge, jury and executioner," he jokes.

If parties of two sit at a big table which could take up to six, he also isn't happy.

"Get up, the table is too big for you anyways," he ranted.

And when customers try and bring in their own food and drink? Oh, Dylan aint happy.

"Oh you’ve been craving pancakes all day? We just ran out of the batter, breakfast ended six minutes ago. No, we can’t make more," he says.

"You want me to convince them that they should be making breakfast after we’ve ended it? Probably shouldn’t have brought your own coffees in then."

GettyImages-2153992387.jpgThe waiter refuses to clear empty tables if attendees self seat (Credit: Getty)

People flocked to the comments to share their opinions on the waiter's 'punishment', and it didn't take long for fellow restaurant staff to reveal their own petty ways.

"My favourite is pretending to be OUTRAGED that a host sat them in such a manner until they reveal they sat themselves," said one.

Whilst another penned: "When I worked at a pizza place I would cut the pizzas bad if the customers annoyed me".

"I will loudly praise the table next to bad ones for their patience, bring out a free app and thank them for being kind etc so the bad table can see them get it," said a third.

As a fourth chimed in: "That’s right!!! Hold these people accountable for their actions!!!"

Despite mass support, others were quick to question any forms of 'punishment'.

"I would be so fired if I did that," someone wrote.

GettyImages-1155883934.jpgThe waiter revealed all his trade secrets (Credit: Getty)

"Ok but my nightmare is a restaurant where you are supposed to seat yourself, and I’m waiting at the front. No sign. Then I get yelled at to seat myself. The outside is a scary nightmare," another commented.

A fellow TikTok user said the server couldn't expect a tip after responding in such a way.

"No, actually when I behave like this I assume I’m not getting a tip at all," he retorted back.

"You can go ahead and keep your 15 [percent] tip, keep your six bucks – I don’t need it, because what you’ve given me is so much more valuable than money.

"You’ve given me an opportunity for revenge."

You can't deny the evil genius...

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