TikToker sparks debate after revealing she brings her own food to restaurants due to allergies

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The internet is currently in the midst of a hefty debate about whether it's okay to bring your own food to restaurants.

Now, you might be thinking the obvious answer is 'no' to that one, but one TikToker has got people talking after revealing the reason she feels it's acceptable in her case.

In a now viral video on the app, user @CarolineCray2 shared footage of herself declining anything from the menu as a waiter took her table's order.

She went on to explain she brought her own food along, pulling out a Tupperware when everyone else's grub arrived.

"I'm an easy one, I actually have a bunch of food allergies so I brought my own food if that's okay," she said. "Then I'll just have that when everyone else is eating".

The waiter didn't seem to have an issue with this, and Caroline could then be seen tucking into her oat waffles with formula syrup drizzled on top as the rest of her cohort ate.

But people on TikTok had differing opinions on whether they'd do the same.

"No restaurant I've worked at has allowed outside food or drinks regardless of a persons' allergies," said one.

Whilst another wrote: "I think it's more polite to eat [ahead] and just do drinks instead of bringing food into a restaurant."

"I couldn't do it. I'd have to stay away from food situations," said a third.

tiktok caroline cray allergies restaurant The TikToker shared a glimpse at her alternative meal (Credit: TikTok/ CarolineCray2)

However, there were a bunch who were all for it.

"I work in fine dining and the way I would immediately ask you if I could plate it all pretty for you..." someone else chimed in.

As a fellow TikToker wrote: "As a server I approve! I am terrified to serve people with severe allergies. Always so scared to make some sick."

A fellow restaurant worker said: "This is very thoughtful of you. Like one or two allergies is easy for us to manage, but multiple gets really risky and not really realistic for us to do..."

"I simply refuse to let the fact that I can't eat food normally or drink alcohol.... keep me from going out and experiencing things with friends and family," the TikToker said in a followup vid.

You can watch that below:

"If I can be present at a dinner and engage in the conversation and the memories other than the food or drink, I'm gonna go!"

It sounds to us like Caroline's solution is best for everyone, but what do you think?

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