People are making hot chocolate with their leftover Toblerone and it’s genius

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

One of the best things about Christmas is the inevitable Toblerone you’ll be gifted in your stocking. It’s a festive staple in households across the country…

If you find yourself with an extra bar lying around (unlikely, we know, but hear us out), then we may have just stumbled across a nifty little trick which is bound to make your Christmas a little better.

Over on Instagram, people are making Toblerone hot chocolate, and it’s such an easy way to use up a mini Toblerone bar, or a cube of a big one you have lying around.

The recipe was shared by food blogger Planet Food, and quickly became a hit.


You can check it out over on their page, but to summarise, you literally have to top four mini Toblerone bars with 200ml of piping hot milk and stir until the chocolate has melted.

Yup, that’s it. Before you know it you’ve got a creamy Toblerone hot chocolate with plenty of delicious nougat-y goodness mixed in there, too.

You can finish the hot chocolate with whatever toppings you have lying around, like whipped cream, marshmallows or shavings of more Toblerone.

It couldn’t be easier and the results are guaranteed to impress your guests over the Christmas period…


Here’s how to use up excess Toblerone (Credit: Alamy)

Reacting to the video, one person tagged a friend and wrote: “This has got you all over it.”

Meanwhile, another wrote: “Need to try this.”

“I will be doing that tonight,” enthusiastically pledged a third. They weren’t the only ones, either…

Over on TikTok, blogger @foodbyremi also got in on the action, making the hot chocolate using the same technique.


toblerone hot chocolate that’s perfect for a day like today! what your favourite chocolate? 🍫 Add 3-4 toblerones to a cup or mug • Top with 250ml of hot milk and stir • Top with squirty cream •Finish with marshmallows and a toblerone – for a super treat add a gingerbread too! #toblerone #foodpage #foodies #foodposts #foodgram #recipeideas #recipeshare #easyrecipe #foodrecipe #instarecipe #quickrecipes #ukfood #ukfoodie #ukfoodblogger #foodblogging #foodblogs #foodbloguk #foodbloggeruk #recipevideo #recipevideos

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Meanwhile, several other bloggers knocked up their own versions, too, including @eastside_foodie on TikTok.

It goes without saying that the fun doesn’t have to stop at Toblerone here, either. Why not bung in the likes of Terry’s Chocolate Orange, a Quality Street Purple One or even a Bounty.

We’re often dubious of social media trends, but this is one we can firmly get on board with. Keep the hot chocolate powder in the cupboard and make yours out of any lingering choccies you have lying around.

Not only is it the perfect indulgent treat over the holiday season, but it also cuts down on waste. Win, win!